Self-Care Sunday: Free for All! 

Today I didn’t have a specific highlight for Self-Care Sunday, but I wanted to reflect on how hectic my week has been and how important self-care will be for me today.

I’ve had stress, tension and all kinds of emotions coming at me from every direction this week, and it’s caused me to neglect some of my favorite self-care techniques!  I feel so bad because I haven’t taken a single moment for myself and every time I say I will, I end up doing something else for someone else, or doing something for work the just gets me all wound up again.

So, tonight, I’m going to make SURE I get my work done in a decent time frame, get the kid settled down and then take some much needed and much anticipated me time this evening.

This week, even though I’m not highlighting anything specific, I encourage you to look back on some of the highlights of self-care, pick one and apply it to life this week.  Don’t let life’s stressors overwhelm you and take you out of your routine and peace!


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