Happy Birthday.

Advertisements Whitney, I bet the world would be stunned if you told them you didn’t think you’d make it to this day. But you did. This year you found out, you were flawed like hell. You’re not that great of a person, and you can’t make things perfect. You can’t control anything except your actionsContinue reading “Happy Birthday.”

Obligation, Acceptance and Knowing the Difference

Advertisements A couple of weeks ago, I was watching an episode of Lovecraft Country. I heard a quote that sent a shock through my body about family. It resonated with me because it identified the key differences between the obligation and acceptance of the concept of the idea of families and how we view them.Continue reading “Obligation, Acceptance and Knowing the Difference”

Do Not Tolerate Anything Less Than in Love

Advertisements Today I listened to my father discuss tolerance during church today. He made a very interesting point in how it related to love. He said that tolerance is closely related to love. When he said this, he referenced 1Corinthians 13:7. That particular verse says this: It bears all things, believes all things, hopes allContinue reading “Do Not Tolerate Anything Less Than in Love”

A Little Sunday Funday Photoshoot

Advertisements My sister wanted me to take some pictures of her and my nephews this past weekend. I’m nowhere near professional status, but I took her up on the offer to improve my photography game. While I thoroughly enjoyed photographing my little homies (no matter how moody they were ), I think my absolute favoritesContinue reading “A Little Sunday Funday Photoshoot”

The Conversations No One Likes to Have

Advertisements Why is it so hard for people to have tough conversations? Sure; they’re annoying, draining and sometimes exhausting. But, how do two adults go through life without having tough conversations? How can you live life and never sit down and someone be the bigger person and not address the proverbial “elephant in the room”?Continue reading “The Conversations No One Likes to Have”

Who Am I?

Advertisements Who Am I? Who Are You? The million-dollar question that is expected to have the most profound answer; or is it? I’ve been living life all wrong. I’ve been living my life thinking that I had to have some prophetic and deep, thought-provoking answer to this question when asked. Like, when someone asks youContinue reading “Who Am I?”

There’s Green Flags, Too.

Advertisements Relationships are at most times not easy. We find ourselves ranting and raving and venting about the things that frustrate us most about our relationships more times than most. On the flip side, some of us cannot stop gushing about all the good things that we discover in our relationship and how we cannotContinue reading “There’s Green Flags, Too.”

….Now What?

Advertisements Something major has just happened in your life. Life-altering, dare I say an Earth-shattering change has been made and your world just became uprooted from underneath you. There are days when you don’t know when you’re coming or going; days when you don’t know left from right; days when you don’t even want toContinue reading “….Now What?”

10 Years Ago..

Advertisements I made a choice to embark on a journey of lifetime sisterhood with some of the most beautiful souls I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. In 10 years, babies have been born, relationships have evolved, we’ve been apart of weddings, we’ve been there for each other no matter the distance or the time apart.Continue reading “10 Years Ago..”