Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Take a Deep Breath! 

When's the last time you took a moment, paused what you were doing and took a deep breath?  Think about it...been a minute, huh? Exactly!  We all know life gets hectic and we don't really take the time to just sit around and take a couple deep breaths and relax.  Well, today is the day… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Take a Deep Breath! 


Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Removing Toxic People from Your Life 

When you feel like there is an abundance of negativity weighing you down, sometimes you have to look to the people around you and determine if they are bringing toxic vibes to your life.  If you find that they are, removing them is always the best option.  Sometimes, this may include removing people closest to… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Removing Toxic People from Your Life 


Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Reading 

This weeks highlight is one of my favorite hobbies in the entire world: reading! Nothing helps calm my nerves more than retreating into the world of someone else for hours and hours on end; which is why I love reading so much!  I've been reading for as long as I can remember, but I know… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Reading 


Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Exercise 

This weeks highlight for self-care is one that not all of us may love, but know is very necessary; exercise! Lol!                      Photo cred: Google  Exercise is not only critical to improving your self-care, but it's also beneficial for your overall health in general when paired… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Exercise 


Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Rest 

In honor of Mother's Day, I chose a self care technique that all mothers across America should be practicing at some point today: REST! Lol. Rest is probably in the top tier of self care tips, because without the proper rest, it's like continuing to drive without putting gas in a car.  Most times, we work… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Rest 

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Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Meditation

This week, I am going to give you all a quick self-care tip that I have come to love in the recent weeks: meditation. First of all, we all lead busy and demanding lives.  We are being pulled and twisted and turned in so many different directions, that sometimes we leave little to no time… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Meditation


Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Unplugging

One thing that I haven't done in a while that I plan on starting to do. Have you ever unplugged?  By unplugging, I mean turning off your laptop and tablet, logging off all social media, putting your phone on Do Not Disturb or silent (even turning it off for that matter), and just secluding yourself… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Unplugging


Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Music

This week's highlight for self-care is one of my personal favorites: music. Photo Cred: Google Images Music is one of the most therapeutic things I utilize in my day-to-day life.  I can pretty much listen to any type of music, as long as it gives me good feeling vibes.  I have always loved music and… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Music


How to Combat Depression

  Lisa Brown Alexander is the CEO of Nonprofit HR, the nation’s leading full-service human resources firm focused exclusively on the nonprofit sector. But despite her success, she was keeping something secret from her family, friends and colleagues. “I am a successful career woman who has battled with depression for five years.” Alexander’s book Strong… Continue reading How to Combat Depression


Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Journaling

With everything that has transpired between 2016 and now, I have taken a more conscious effort into embracing more self-care techniques; just to make sure my mental, physical and overall well-being is protected at all costs (because if I don't take care of myself, who will?).  I have been wanting to do this for some… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Journaling