A letter to 2019.

Advertisements I went through some very interesting circumstances this year; some that I’ve never been through before, some even that I have barely been ok enough to talk about. I wasn’t always being 100% for the important people in my life. I wasn’t present for a lot of people I love this year. I wasn’tContinue reading “A letter to 2019.”

How To Take Care of The Right Brain

Advertisements Many times we talk about self-care, and how important it is to take time out to yourself (it is actually a requirement of mine). What we don’t think about, is to how to also take care of our creative mind. It actually is quite simple, as a lot of the thing you would doContinue reading “How To Take Care of The Right Brain”

How to Forgive Myself

Advertisements A few days ago, I listened to a guided meditation that provided a lot of perspective on what I have been going through these past couple of weeks. It was in reference to forgiving yourself, and how often we forget that the most important person that needs forgiveness, is you. How many of usContinue reading “How to Forgive Myself”

Dear Discovery,

Advertisements You made it clear that there was so much more that needed to be done. You allowed me to realize that there was so much more potential than what was being presented. This was a month of evaluation, but it took a totally different turn than expected. What wasn’t expected was to take aContinue reading “Dear Discovery,”

If I Knew Now, What I Knew Then….

Advertisements What do I regret? How can I deal with this? I’ve actually been thinking about this question for a while now; I even skipped it and came back to it, and I still really don’t have an answer. I don’t really have anything I regret in life; and that’s really how I choose toContinue reading “If I Knew Now, What I Knew Then….”

Always Remember Life Gets Better 

Advertisements I read this affirmation this morning: “My life is getting better everyday” So many times we let the negative things get in the way of the simple fact that waking up in the morning gives us the opportunity to do better than we did the day before.  We let yesterday’s struggles flow into theContinue reading “Always Remember Life Gets Better “

Self-Care Sunday: Free for All! 

Advertisements Today I didn’t have a specific highlight for Self-Care Sunday, but I wanted to reflect on how hectic my week has been and how important self-care will be for me today. I’ve had stress, tension and all kinds of emotions coming at me from every direction this week, and it’s caused me to neglectContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: Free for All! “

#50Days50Questions: Blessed

Advertisements Do I feel blessed? How and why or why not? Definitely. This question seems so simple, yet I know it can be a difficult thing to keep in perspective at times.  Even on the days when I seem to feel like nothing is going my way, I try to remember why I’ve been blessedContinue reading “#50Days50Questions: Blessed”

Who’s Approval Do You Seek? 

Advertisements There are times when I have to check in with myself, just to make sure that I am continuing to keep pushing towards achieving the goals I have set out for myself; but more importantly, make sure that I am not shifting into the mindset of doing things out of the validation of others,Continue reading “Who’s Approval Do You Seek? “