Advertisements I was having a conversation about Joy on Sunday, and I made a promise to myself that I would start living for the joy in my life. I told myself that there was no excuse for me not to be happy, and that I could shape my happiness and joy any way I seeContinue reading “Joy”

A letter to 2019.

Advertisements I went through some very interesting circumstances this year; some that I’ve never been through before, some even that I have barely been ok enough to talk about. I wasn’t always being 100% for the important people in my life. I wasn’t present for a lot of people I love this year. I wasn’tContinue reading “A letter to 2019.”

Self-Care Sunday: Baggage Claim

Advertisements Bag lady… You gon’ hurt yo back, Draggin’ all them bags like that…. Why do we carry all of our baggage around with us in every situation in our lives? Why is it that with every negative experience, we don’t take time to release whatever it is and whatever weight that goes with thatContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: Baggage Claim”

3 Ways to Improve my Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Health

Advertisements Now that I have surpassed a big milestone in my life (turning 30 in November), I am consistently pulled into a position of how I feel that this next chapter in life is a part of a big transition for me in life. I feel like im at a point in my life whereContinue reading “3 Ways to Improve my Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Health”

PSA: Bullying Doesn’t Make you Cool.

Advertisements **this post was edited and reposted after conflicting information regarding Keaton’s actions and his family’s actions. I’ve recently discovered several posts regarding children taking their lives because of being bullied. With each article, blog post or update via social media, the sight of a story involving a young child committing suicide does not getContinue reading “PSA: Bullying Doesn’t Make you Cool.”

When Adulting Got Real

Advertisements So, I saw this question posed on Twitter and decided it would be a good question for me to answer in the form of a blog post. So many times, we hear young millennials say “I can’t wait ’til I’m grown”; and quite frankly, I can remember a time when not so long ago,Continue reading “When Adulting Got Real”

So, I’m 30; Now What??

Advertisements Now that I’m officially “in my 30’s” I have felt a very blatant and noticeable shift in my perspective and energy. I feel the strong desire to make some hard decisions about my life and where it’s going. I’m not sure if it’s just the aura of the new age; however, I am feelingContinue reading “So, I’m 30; Now What??”

A Lesson Learned

Advertisements What do you take from the experiences life brings you? Do you take them as what they are and move on, or do you search for the lesson in those experiences? Life is full of countless lessons; some come from good experiences and some come from bad. I’d like to believe that a lotContinue reading “A Lesson Learned”

Good Friends or Bad Friends; Which One are You?

Advertisements So, im still on my #50Days50Questions journey, and I came across a question that I felt compelled to discuss, since it has become somewhat of a hot topic in my life currently. Here is the question. Am I a good friend? How so or not so? I could be lying to myself; however, IContinue reading “Good Friends or Bad Friends; Which One are You?”