Who Am I?

Advertisements Who Am I? Who Are You? The million-dollar question that is expected to have the most profound answer; or is it? I’ve been living life all wrong. I’ve been living my life thinking that I had to have some prophetic and deep, thought-provoking answer to this question when asked. Like, when someone asks youContinue reading “Who Am I?”

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Advertisements So, I’ve written a few books! Wanna check them out? Click HERE to access my personal website to order an autographed copy (or copies) of my work ! I am also available on Amazon to purchase copies and order on Kindle!

Sulwe : A Book with a Message for All Ages

Advertisements I had long anticipated buying this book for my daughter, but I had no idea that the message would resonate with me as an adult as well. Lupita Nyongo’s book, Sulwe is a heartwarming tale that teaches a powerful lesson about loving yourself and allowing the beauty within you to shine through. The story,Continue reading “Sulwe : A Book with a Message for All Ages”

Pieces of Beauty.

Advertisements Just a few of my favorite nature shots. Lately I’ve been trying to take the time to enjoy certain moments. Sunsets, flowers, water; they all are very calming and evoke a level of stillness inside my spirit. I’m trying really hard to listen to those things more. Enjoy . : Whit C.

What’s Free?

Advertisements I have so much on my spirit right now, but not sure really how to get it out. But I think this picture can sum up about a million thoughts that spiral in my head. What’s sad is I am beginning to lose faith that this will ever change. Will we ever be moreContinue reading “What’s Free?”

Toxicity vs. Vulnerability: Which One Was It?

Advertisements Well, Twitter was an interesting place to be the other day….lol. Social media as a whole has been….difficult to say the least lately. These days, I am more or less trying to stay current, even though most of the news I’m seeing is either numbing, disappointing or basically bringing me to tears. Just theContinue reading “Toxicity vs. Vulnerability: Which One Was It?”


Advertisements So, I’m a #PlantMom now? The quarantine has brought on some new journeys for me; and one of them has become plants, and growing different herbs and veggies! It all sort of started with my daughters Earth day project. You know when your kid gets the seed and they plant it and watch itContinue reading “#PlantLife”


Advertisements I was having a conversation about Joy on Sunday, and I made a promise to myself that I would start living for the joy in my life. I told myself that there was no excuse for me not to be happy, and that I could shape my happiness and joy any way I seeContinue reading “Joy”

Essential Workin’

Advertisements Day ……. whatever the hell in quarantine. First, let me sing praises to ANY AND ALL essential workers during this time. I know many people in this pandemic that have to work tirelessly to ensure health and safety of others. I do not attempt to compare or bring down any job; however, I alsoContinue reading “Essential Workin’”

‘‘Twas the Night before NaNo….”

Advertisements What are you preparing? Or, what are you finishing? What will have you gazing at a computer for endless hours in a day? What will have you in the suspect corner of a coffee shop or Barnes&Noble; headphones engaged and fingers on the home row? What goals have you set for yourself? Who’s yourContinue reading “‘‘Twas the Night before NaNo….””