September is NICU Awareness Month

For more information on NICU Awareness, you can click HERE to gather more information, resources and volunteer opportunities in your local NICU!

‘Twas the Night Before Virtual School…

Advertisements So, tomorrow begins a new journey, and it’s almost as nerve wrecking as the first day I sent Kynnedy to daycare when she was six weeks old. This school year is definitely not like others. The jitters are still there; but this time, there’s a level of anxiety and question about just how successfulContinue reading “‘Twas the Night Before Virtual School…”

What Happens When your Child Plays Favorites?

Advertisements So, a couple weekends ago, my daughter was very sad about something. She is so much like me that it is almost irritating, because I constantly asked her what was wrong and she would say “nothing”, even though her face clearly was singing a different tune. I didn’t want to badger her; but IContinue reading “What Happens When your Child Plays Favorites?”

The Toughest Conversation I Couldn’t Navigate With My Daughter

Advertisements My daughter, as precocious and curious as she is, wastes no time asking question when she doesn’t understand something. She will sit in front of you, glasses placed slightly down on her nose, with scrunched up eyebrows and a perplexing look, and “why” and “what if” you to death. Even with my full mommyContinue reading “The Toughest Conversation I Couldn’t Navigate With My Daughter”

Happy Birthday.

Advertisements My child, Please forgive me, for I may not always do my best by you, but I would give my life for yours at a moments notice. I may not always know the rhythm of your existence, but I will dance beside you anyway. My timing may be skewed; when you need me IContinue reading “Happy Birthday.”

My Daughter Wanted a Doll that Didn’t Look Like Her; Here’s How I Responded.

Advertisements My daughter and I made a promise. Two weeks ago, she saw a doll in Walmart that she wanted, but didn’t get at the time. Now, of course, she thought that she could ask for it the next day and receive. I told her no and made a deal that if she had aContinue reading “My Daughter Wanted a Doll that Didn’t Look Like Her; Here’s How I Responded.”

Big Girl Moves!

Advertisements When you have children, you never know what to cherish; what moments to etch into your memory, what silly things to photograph or put on video, or what things you should never take for granted. As parents, we try to make everything a lasting moment, but sometimes that’s not possible. Today, I had aContinue reading “Big Girl Moves!”

Parenting Moment: The Kid Takes on Pre-K!

Advertisements On 8/6/18 , I woke up, got Kynnedy ready, and dropped her off at her first day of Pre-K. She was full of life and confidence; I, internally, was a mess. I couldn’t help but stay in constant prayer all the way to the school that morning.  I had to make sure that ifContinue reading “Parenting Moment: The Kid Takes on Pre-K!”

Sometimes We All Need a Break, Even Your Kid!

Advertisements Despite what others may think, it is perfectly normal for you and your children to want some time apart from one another.  Just like any other relationship, kids get sick of their parents, and parents get sick of always being around their children.  I believe this is why we take advantage of the opportunitiesContinue reading “Sometimes We All Need a Break, Even Your Kid!”

That Question We All Love to Hate

Advertisements Now that our daughter is three years old, it is not very often that time goes by when someone is asking my husband and I this one aching question: “When are y’all going to have another baby??? Jokingly, we always tell them a number of different answers: “I don’t know” “Soon” “When you startContinue reading “That Question We All Love to Hate”