Blogmas Intro 2020

So, this year I’m going to take a stab at doing Blogmas, which is something I’ve never done before! I’m pretty excited for what’s in store and ready to take on the challenge to giving you all something to enjoy everyday on my page. First, I’m going to show you all the Blogmas list IContinue reading “Blogmas Intro 2020”

But You’ve Survived

I saw a post today with a quote, and I decided to share it with you all today. You may be going through something personal; but you survived. You may have lost what you feel like is your entire world; but you survived. You may be fighting a losing battles (it seems); but you’re surviving.Continue reading “But You’ve Survived”

Self-Care Sunday: Dancing it Out

I just recently watched the episode of Grey’s Anatomy (which is one of my favorites) where Christina and Meredith do their final “dance it out” before Christina leaves to go to Switzerland. It made me think about how sometimes, when life feels like it’s pulling you down, or when everything seems to be going wrongContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: Dancing it Out”

Self-Care Sunday: Love Yourself

This Sunday, I wanted to create a simple but meaningful post to promote self-care this week. The message is clear and important; love yourself. Self-love is the most important and effective way to show love these days. Now more than ever, we have to love ourselves even when we are not able to get loveContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: Love Yourself”

Let’s Just Be Happy.

There have been many instances during this pandemic that I have seen people pushing to start businesses, take up new hobbies, work out, eat better, get fresh air, etc. If you want me to be honest, #issalot. I know that for some, this much needed time inside is allowing us to thrive into new topicsContinue reading “Let’s Just Be Happy.”

Part 2: Accept Who You Are

To read the posts previous to this, please click the link for the A Journey Through Self and Part 1 posts! 🙂 In my first post, I talked about how I acknowledge currently. I feel like acknowledging an issue and actually accepting it as a reality are two very different things; two things that IContinue reading “Part 2: Accept Who You Are”

What Happens When your Child Plays Favorites?

So, a couple weekends ago, my daughter was very sad about something. She is so much like me that it is almost irritating, because I constantly asked her what was wrong and she would say “nothing”, even though her face clearly was singing a different tune. I didn’t want to badger her; but I neededContinue reading “What Happens When your Child Plays Favorites?”

Part 1: Acknowledge Yourself and What You’re Going Through.

This is the first part of a blog series that I introduced back in September, titled A Journey through Self.  My goal for this series was to help acknowledge, accept and take accountability for the journey through learning more about myself, the good, bad and ugly, and finally finding a way to get through itContinue reading “Part 1: Acknowledge Yourself and What You’re Going Through.”

My 2020 Word

I’ve seen several posts on Instagram or Twitter asking, “what is your one word for 2020?” I believe this has now taken place of your once dedicated resolutions. People aren’t setting resolutions, they are putting one word into the universe and moving towards living by that word. I decided to try that this year; insteadContinue reading “My 2020 Word”

…But Why NOT Me?

Don’t be alarmed, but writers are probably the most modest, and criticizing group of people I know. Even me, 4-time published author, will sit here and criticize myself like I am the same second grade poet that would write these random pieces that meant everything but would be self-conscious that someone hates it; and thatContinue reading “…But Why NOT Me?”

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