Happy Anniversary Write, Live and Love

Today, 3 years ago, I started my journey towards blogging on this very site. Since that time, I've been through many names, many ideas, many themes, concepts and styles. One thing that's remained the same is this: I love writing for my followers and I love sharing my small part of the world with you. … Continue reading Happy Anniversary Write, Live and Love


#BlackGirlMagicGoals: Ava Duvernay

My last and final feature for Black History Month on #BlackGirlMagicGoals is the one and only Ava Duvernay, the filmmaker and director extraordinaire! Ms. Duvernay is a writer, film maker, director, producer and screenwriter.  Ava began her film maker career in 2008 with her feature documentary, This is the Life. From there, she did a combination of … Continue reading #BlackGirlMagicGoals: Ava Duvernay

Forgiveness Is Truly a Gift

Learning the new developments of the Rae Carrutth story have taught me nothing more than this one conclusion; forgiveness is truly a gift for those who have studied and learned it thoroughly. A couple of days ago, you may have seen an article or two come out about a 15-page letter that Mr. Carruth penned … Continue reading Forgiveness Is Truly a Gift

Self-Care Sunday: Nourishing Your Creativity

Most of us are in the world of creative entrepreneurship. We all have our own jobs and professional endeavors; however, we also have separate creative projects, businesses or projects that we are building upon in hopes of one day that being our sole means of income or separate and second business business venture. Most of … Continue reading Self-Care Sunday: Nourishing Your Creativity

#BlackGirlMagicGoals: Shonda Rhimes

My third shoutout for this month goes to none other than the TGIT queen herself, Shonda Rhimes. This amazing woman needs no introduction, but I have to stan for a bit on just how awesome I believe she is. There isn't much that Shonda hasn't done in this lifetime so far, and it seems like … Continue reading #BlackGirlMagicGoals: Shonda Rhimes

When the Family Feuds

Arguments are tough; they’re even tougher when you’re dealing with someone you love. Sometimes families argue, and the wounds and pain of those arguments are difficult to recover from. I’ll admit, my family has not been the most normal. We’ve got our own sets of issues and problems within the structure, and some of the … Continue reading When the Family Feuds

4 Ways to Protect your Positive Energy

We are living in hectic times in 2018. There has been so many problems and controversies brought up recently that it’s easy to find yourself in a very low and negative space. Even in your personal life, all of our experiences create an emotional reaction in our bodies. We’re either on the positive end of … Continue reading 4 Ways to Protect your Positive Energy

Self-Care Sunday: “Today I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything”

#SundayBumday #LazyMondayThroughSaturday and any other hashtag to promote being absolutely lazy and loving it is my choice of self-care this week. Like the title says, sometimes we can do everything in the world,  and be everybody for someone in the world, but at the end of the day, you STILL don't feel like doing anything. … Continue reading Self-Care Sunday: “Today I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything”

#BlackGirlMagicGoals: Luvvie Ajayi

This week, my next feature of awesome #BlackGirlMagic goes to Luvvie Ajayi, When I first found out about Luvvie, it was similar to the same time I discovered Issa Rae.  She was doing recaps of episodes of Insecure, and when I read one I thought, "ok, I LOVE how she writes; I HAVE to follow … Continue reading #BlackGirlMagicGoals: Luvvie Ajayi

How to Stay Young When Your Relationship is Feeling Old

Being married for 5 years thus far has taught me a lot about myself, my spouse and the idea of marriage as a whole.  The one thing I have learned is that there are times when you can feel quite old in your relationship sometimes, and it is not the best feeling by any means. … Continue reading How to Stay Young When Your Relationship is Feeling Old