Who Am I?

Advertisements Who Am I? Who Are You? The million-dollar question that is expected to have the most profound answer; or is it? I’ve been living life all wrong. I’ve been living my life thinking that I had to have some prophetic and deep, thought-provoking answer to this question when asked. Like, when someone asks youContinue reading “Who Am I?”

….Now What?

Advertisements Something major has just happened in your life. Life-altering, dare I say an Earth-shattering change has been made and your world just became uprooted from underneath you. There are days when you don’t know when you’re coming or going; days when you don’t know left from right; days when you don’t even want toContinue reading “….Now What?”

Self-Care Sunday: Family Time

Advertisements This past week, and in the past few weeks, there has been a lot of heavy revelations that have come to us through social media. Some of us have seen video footage of police brutality (and for those who have chosen to not watch, I understand), physical assault, frightening confrontation between protestors and lawContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: Family Time”

J’s on my Feet


I Don’t Know How to Feel

Advertisements I sat down at my computer yesterday, trying to formulate some words about how I feel. There’s so much criticism in a person’s silence about the current issues were facing; the murder of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and countless others that have suffered the horrific an unjustified and untimely death. But, IContinue reading “I Don’t Know How to Feel”

How to Help Your Kid Cope with Quarantine

Advertisements With my last few posts, it’s clear I don’t have to stress the overwhelming nature of this pandemic and quarantine is causing; however, there is one more population that is also dealing with the pandemic, and that is our beautiful babies. My daughter is 6, and despite her being so young, she is wellContinue reading “How to Help Your Kid Cope with Quarantine”

Be Kind. Don’t Share that Post.

Advertisements Please. For the sake of those you love and care about who get triggered by violence, do not share videos of brutal violence and death. I understand awareness is everything, but there are enough articles and information that gets disseminated that will paint the picture. And if you’re thinking “what if they’re lying?” Well,Continue reading “Be Kind. Don’t Share that Post.”

Self-Care Check-in’s

Advertisements I’ve been telling myself that I wanted to start a daily morning and nightly routine in centering my mind and enhancing my self-care. Part of it starts with a system of accountability. In today’s climate, we have a little more time than ever on our hands. This is probably the perfect time to establishContinue reading “Self-Care Check-in’s”

Essential Workin’

Advertisements Day ……. whatever the hell in quarantine. First, let me sing praises to ANY AND ALL essential workers during this time. I know many people in this pandemic that have to work tirelessly to ensure health and safety of others. I do not attempt to compare or bring down any job; however, I alsoContinue reading “Essential Workin’”

Yea, I’m That Kind of Introvert.

Advertisements About two years ago, my best friend showed me a video, that showed you the difference between being an introvert and an extrovert. Before watching this video, I didn’t really think I fell into the introvert category because I could be pretty social when I wanted to be. I figured I was pretty muchContinue reading “Yea, I’m That Kind of Introvert.”