Self-Care Sunday: Unplug to Stay Safe

Although things appear to have calmed down, the nation is still grieving. There are still parts of our souls that are still raw. Videos and incidents are coming up everyday of racial injustices that either were never talked about, not talked about enough, or just happened and now need to be talked about.

Along with these very traumatic things, we are also dealing with a national pandemic; with numbers continuing to rise on a daily basis. People are getting sick at alarming rates. Some are even succumbing to their illnesses. People are having to mourn at a distance, and can’t even pay their respects in the ways that were previously the norm. The nation is adjusting to a “new normal” way of living; and some of us are adapting, while others are struggling.

So, at what point do we all need to just…shut it all down and get away? I know with certain states having restrictions, planning trips and having gatherings are things that people are not ready to do; so what can you do?

My suggestion? Unplugging. Turning off your phone. Shutting off notifications. Even going so far as to deleting an app off your phone for a couple days. These are just a few suggestions that can help with taking time to adjust your mental stability in a time where taking care of yourself is paramount to ultimate survival.

Some people may have differing opinions about this. Some people want to stay in the know; be aware of the numbers, the local and national news, staying on top of what’s going on with the racial tensions in the world, etc. But others would rather take a minute to just process what’s been going on and breathe. There’s not been many moments to really deal with what has happened, because once we can get over one thing, something else has occurred. I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a hurricane of a year; coming through and ripping through any and everything in its path and all were left with is remains to try and salvage. I think with one day at a time, we can try to even piece ourselves back together.

If you can take one thing with you this week, I hope that we can all take small moments to unplug from the world; take some time to ourselves to process what we’re feeling (something I’ve been really working on doing lately), and try to find a way to deal with and get through the days with the most positive outlook as possible.

We will all get through 2020 on the other side hopefully, but the most important thing is to try and keep ourselves mentally and emotionally stable along the way 🖤.