How to Deal with Your Mental Health When the World is in Crisis

Advertisements By the title of this post, you will see that I want to discuss a topic that is particularly taboo and a widely spread concern across the African American community. I believe at a time when there are several things happening that can have a severe impact on our mental health, we need toContinue reading “How to Deal with Your Mental Health When the World is in Crisis”

Self-Care Sunday: Unplug to Stay Safe

Advertisements Although things appear to have calmed down, the nation is still grieving. There are still parts of our souls that are still raw. Videos and incidents are coming up everyday of racial injustices that either were never talked about, not talked about enough, or just happened and now need to be talked about. AlongContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: Unplug to Stay Safe”

How to Help Your Kid Cope with Quarantine

Advertisements With my last few posts, it’s clear I don’t have to stress the overwhelming nature of this pandemic and quarantine is causing; however, there is one more population that is also dealing with the pandemic, and that is our beautiful babies. My daughter is 6, and despite her being so young, she is wellContinue reading “How to Help Your Kid Cope with Quarantine”