Self-Care Sunday: A Full-Circle Cleansing

Good morning everyone! Here I am with another post dedicated to increasing your self-care arsenal. Today, my highlight will be cleansing; mind, physical, body and spirit.

Last week, I did a much needed and anticipated comprehensive self-care day. I started with my mind. I meditated for about 20 minutes. I sat in my meditation space and I did breathing exercises and played my sound bowl to ground myself for the day ahead. I needed to meditate and quiet my mind from all of the things that had been swirling around from the weeks ahead; it had been a long time since I had spent that much time in my space, and it felt really good to get a lot of that weight off my mind.

I then started to physically clean my entire home. Throughout the week, our lives can get hectic and messy and chaotic. We throw things on the couch, take our shoes off wherever they land, coffee tables get riddled with junk mail, dishes pile in the kitchen, etc. Sundays are my days to do a physical reset on my home. I put everything back where they belong, wipe down counter tops, clean out my fridge, fluff my couch pillows; basically make my house feel like home again. I don’t do this intense of a cleansing every week, but I do make sure that a sprucing up of the home happens each week, just to put things back in their rightful place if they haven’t already been done during the week.

The next step was my body. I took a cleansing bath, washed my hair, exfoliated my body, shaved, moisturized, did a sheet mask; basically, I took extra special care of ME. I think a part of self-care is taking extra special care of yourself and your body. It is the one thing that keeps you going every day and if we’re not careful, it will not do what we need it to do day in and day out.

The last thing i did was a spiritual cleanse. I saged my home, which is something I do every Sunday. I sage all of the negative energy out of my home in preparation of the upcoming week. I pray for peace and positivity for the upcoming week. I cleansed and charged all of my crystals in the natural sunlight. This is also something I do every Sunday to release the problems and negative energy of the week prior, and prepare and receive the positive energy of the week ahead.

Now that I have plants, I have also included caring for my plants on Sundays as well. Although most of my plants are on different watering schedules; one thing that I do for all my plants on Sundays is that they all get set in the sun for a at least an hour or two. I sage all of them, mist them with neem oil to reduce any pesticides and gnats and also fertilize them (as needed).

The day felt very taxing and at the end, I did feel a slight bit of exhaustion (mainly from the cleaning), but in the end, I couldn’t help but feel like my spirit had been renewed and my mind was refreshed and ready for a new week ahead.

I urge everyone to find their favorite day (I prefer the weekend, but whatever rocks your boat, lol) and dedicate it as a “Mind, Body and Spirit” cleanse day as a means of self-care for yourself. I have tried it routinely every week and it has been very relaxing and very beneficial for me.