A Crucial Time to Take Care of Ourselves

The next 48-72 hours are crucial to our mental and emotional health. A lot is going on right now with many of us. Emotions are running high; anxiety is on 1,000, people’s nerves are shot. We are hearing about stores limiting the sell of guns and ammo and businesses boarding up in anticipation of anyContinue reading “A Crucial Time to Take Care of Ourselves”

Self-Care Sunday: Unplug to Stay Safe

Although things appear to have calmed down, the nation is still grieving. There are still parts of our souls that are still raw. Videos and incidents are coming up everyday of racial injustices that either were never talked about, not talked about enough, or just happened and now need to be talked about. Along withContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: Unplug to Stay Safe”

Self-Care Sunday: Social Media Detox!

Good morning and welcome back to another Sunday recommendation for your self-care!! today I want to discuss an idea that we should all attempt to do more of; social media detoxing! Even I need to try this one myself. Now when I talk about driving, I don’t mean deleting friends who are either negative orContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: Social Media Detox!”

How to Get Prepared for the New Year!

2020 is fastly approaching (t-minus 4 days exactly). This mean resolutions will fly, parties will be planned, and most people will be deciding when and where they will be when the clock strikes midnight. Most of us will be plotting our next big success in 2020, and if we are properly prepared, nothing will standContinue reading “How to Get Prepared for the New Year!”

How to Help Your Favorite Self-Published Author

Publishing a book is hard, tireless yet rewarding work. What’s even harder, more tireless but sometime less rewarding? Self-publishing. If you’re a self-publisher, it often times means that you are a one-man/woman show. You do your own marketing, advertising, networking, publishing, etc. so you are primarily depending on your ability to market yourself and yourContinue reading “How to Help Your Favorite Self-Published Author”

A Social Media Pause for the Cause

I believe it is time for a pause on social media; and by pause, I mean particularly posting on my social media. I feel at this time, the only things that I can really express is negative energy. I have a lot of personal things going on at the moment, with really no outlet inContinue reading “A Social Media Pause for the Cause”

Self-Care Sunday: Phone Fasting

Sometimes we spend more time in our phones than we think. I know I’ve procrastinated my way through hours just scrolling through social media looking at the latest news and/or gossip, or checking an email that has caused me to lose hours working on one task.  All of these things happen when my intention wasContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: Phone Fasting”

Chill Out; We Still Care About That, Too. 

I saw a post that really bothered me the other day; and truth be told, it bothers me on a frequent level (about as frequent as I see it). Everyone who’s not living under a rock or in denial knows that the world is in shambles, and between living in the era of #Cheeto45, racialContinue reading “Chill Out; We Still Care About That, Too. “

Social Media Addicts Anonymous

Hello, My name is Whitney and I’m always connected to my social media pages. *insert warm and inviting “Hi Whitney!” from the congregation of fellow addicts* Welcome to the “Social Media Addicts Anonymous” group, where we will discussing this nasty habit that some of us can’t or won’t seem to break, lol. Let’s start with a showContinue reading “Social Media Addicts Anonymous”

Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler…What is the Problem??

Ok, Ok, OK! I have to say something about this.  Recently, the world went ablaze in controversy over a photo that Michael B. Jordan posted with his friend Ryan Coogler.  Here is the picture in question, with the caption attached to it on his Instagram page:

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