What do you do when you have been genuinely hurt, and you don’t have any possible thing left to give anymore…?

I’ve experienced hurt before.  In several different ways, shapes and forms.  I have lost family members, friends, I once lost one of the most important relationships in my life and that was definitely heart-wrenching.  I’ve been hurt in love, in hatred, in disinterest…Sometimes it may not look like I’ve experienced much, or it may appear that I am a pretty positive functioning individual, but I too, hurt on a regular basis.  It is what makes me human.

I think everyone processes their pain differently; some people seek spiritual healing, some need that special person that makes them ok, some seek out pharmaceutical therapy (and it is normal because it is a part of the world we live in), I mean, the possibilities are endless on how people deal with their hurt and pain on a daily basis.  I believe the stronger person is the one who rises above the pressures of negative influences to get through their pain, because the temptation is there.

So what is the best way to process when you’ve been hurt?  Do you seclude yourself, or just disengage with the world?  Do you cling to whatever things and people you have left that truly will never hurt you?  Or do you continue to have hope and faith that you won’t be hurt again and weather the storm? ……Is any one way the “right” way?

What do you think?


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  1. There’s no right way, as long as the way you deal with it is effective. The only wrong way is to let things fester. I’m the type of person who is prone to say really awful things if I let things fester, so dealing with it fast and staying busy is the only way.

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    1. Whitney C. says:

      Agreed! I have a nasty habit of that but I’m slowly learning to let it out as it comes to me lol

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