Self-Care Sunday: A Full-Circle Cleansing

Advertisements Good morning everyone! Here I am with another post dedicated to increasing your self-care arsenal. Today, my highlight will be cleansing; mind, physical, body and spirit. Last week, I did a much needed and anticipated comprehensive self-care day. I started with my mind. I meditated for about 20 minutes. I sat in my meditationContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: A Full-Circle Cleansing”

Self-Care Sunday: The Chakra Alignment

Advertisements Recently, I’ve been into researching and learning about chakras, and how benficial it is for mine to be aligned in order for me to be completely balanced. Chakras were something I had gotten into last year, and it is carrying over into this year and I’m definitely taking it more seriously. I’ve noticed howContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: The Chakra Alignment”

3 Ways to Improve my Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Health

Advertisements Now that I have surpassed a big milestone in my life (turning 30 in November), I am consistently pulled into a position of how I feel that this next chapter in life is a part of a big transition for me in life. I feel like im at a point in my life whereContinue reading “3 Ways to Improve my Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Health”

REPOST: Mental Health Matters 

Advertisements Just wanted to share this with someone who may be listening. Everyday, something traumatic is happening in the world. Whether it be in our careers, our personal lives, in society; there is always something that is captured in social media, in the news or right in front of you that jarrs your emotions andContinue reading “REPOST: Mental Health Matters “


What do you do when you have been genuinely hurt, and you don’t have any possible thing left to give anymore…?