What do you do when you have been genuinely hurt, and you don’t have any possible thing left to give anymore…?

Nighttime Conversations…

Advertisements Bright stars dancing in the darkness of the morning. Before the kiss of dawn radiates our corner of the world, I watched you. As your chest rose and fell in the rhythm of my heartbeats I knew, That to lose you, would be the most slow and agonizing pain I’ve ever experienced. I wanted ourContinue reading “Nighttime Conversations…”

Positive thoughts

Advertisements Everyday you wake up with an opportunity to make the day the best day you can. You are the only person who can control the outcome of your day.  Wake up, pray, stretch, open the window and look out at God’s creations. Tell yourself that today will be a good day. Claim your positivityContinue reading “Positive thoughts”

What’s Your Definition?

Advertisements Everyone has something that defines them.  It’s usually in their introduction of themselves. It’s the one thing they take pride in, that thing they want you to know more than anything else they talk about. Most times, that is all they talk about.  Other times, you see it shine through them naturally. I firmlyContinue reading “What’s Your Definition?”

Advertisements Yesterday I had a talk with you, and my soul opened up and the sun shined brighter once it realized a transformation had begun. My heart sang out with a feeling of content and joy injected itself into my veins and invaded my body like a drug. Tears fell from my eyes and aContinue reading