Been a While.

Advertisements So, a lot has happened since my last post. Good things, but things nonetheless. So, I moved. I fled the nest that I’ve known for 27 years of my life. It was very scary at first, and I don’t really think my body and mind have settled into the anxiety, but I did itContinue reading “Been a While.”

Lessons vs. Lifetimes: Using Discernment in Meaningful Relationships

Advertisements We all have encountered many friends, associates and experiences in life, but how do you know whether or not someone was placed in your life to teach you a valuable lesson, or to be there for a lifetime. I believe there is true discernment in allowing yourself to differentiate from the two. A lotContinue reading “Lessons vs. Lifetimes: Using Discernment in Meaningful Relationships”

Spring Cleaning Your Relationships

Advertisements With the springtime in full swing, it’s not uncommon for you to get the feeling to want to do.a cleanse of sorts through your life. Some people clean their homes, while others may focus more on their personal lifestyles and determine what needs to be flushed out and what does not. Starting the springContinue reading “Spring Cleaning Your Relationships”

Self Love is Always Your True First Love

Advertisements A lot of times, there are lessons that I feel cannot or will not apply to me, even being five years into my marriage; however, 2017 put me in a place where I was struggling with loving myself more than I ever was before.  In turn, that put a big strain on parts ofContinue reading “Self Love is Always Your True First Love”

Maximizing Quality Time with Quality People

Advertisements In the hustle and bustle of life’s journey, we oftentimes get caught up with missing out on spending quality time with the ones we love.  One of the things that allows me to maintain a decent level of sanity, is being able to decompress, vent, laugh, cry or just spend time with my familyContinue reading “Maximizing Quality Time with Quality People”

Live, Laugh, Love; Repeat

Advertisements Oftentimes, adults get so caught up with our responsibilities, that we forget one of the simplest things to do; laugh.  If you ask me, laughter is one of the simplest and rarest forms of enjoying life. I’ve been known to bring laughter into any situation.  It’s just in my nautre.  I am someone whoContinue reading “Live, Laugh, Love; Repeat”

A Lesson Learned

Advertisements What do you take from the experiences life brings you? Do you take them as what they are and move on, or do you search for the lesson in those experiences? Life is full of countless lessons; some come from good experiences and some come from bad. I’d like to believe that a lotContinue reading “A Lesson Learned”

Good Friends or Bad Friends; Which One are You?

Advertisements So, im still on my #50Days50Questions journey, and I came across a question that I felt compelled to discuss, since it has become somewhat of a hot topic in my life currently. Here is the question. Am I a good friend? How so or not so? I could be lying to myself; however, IContinue reading “Good Friends or Bad Friends; Which One are You?”

Self-Care Sunday: Lets Get Away…

Advertisements This week’s highlight is dedicated to something I absolutely LOVE doing: Vacationing! At some point, we all need a break; whether it be a stay-cation, a trip with a special someone, a boys/girls trip or a family vacation; everyone needs time to escape reality sometimes. That’s why taking a vacation is so important toContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: Lets Get Away…”