The Joys a Child Brings

I never knew how much joy children really bring to your life, until I had one of my own.

I could be having the worst day ever, I could want to cry my eyes out and lay in bed all day and do absolutely nothing; but my daughter makes that impossible.

Since the day she was born, I was convinced that she was truly blessed with pure happiness.  Unless she has just woke up from a nap, she is always very happy, talkative and pleasant to be around.  I have received so many compliments from people who tell me she is so pretty, and sweet and an overall happy baby!  It’s one thing for me to notice her happiness, but when perfect strangers can’t help but smile at her, I know she has a gift.

I’m so lucky to have her in my life. Her smile and her laugh will make up for all of life’s lemons.  I hope as she continues to grow, she keeps that quality about herself.

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