#50Days50Questions: Blessed

Advertisements Do I feel blessed? How and why or why not? Definitely. This question seems so simple, yet I know it can be a difficult thing to keep in perspective at times.  Even on the days when I seem to feel like nothing is going my way, I try to remember why I’ve been blessedContinue reading “#50Days50Questions: Blessed”

Let’s Get it Started! 

Advertisements Welcome 2017!! Since my 2016 list of goals were pretty reasonably met (see post for details), I decided to expand on that and prepare a list of goals for 2017.  Now that we are 2 days into the new year, I have spent more time reflecting on what goals I would like to accomplishContinue reading “Let’s Get it Started! “

Count your Blessings and Find the Balance.

Advertisements Do you tend to forget to stop and smell the roses?  Or do you get so bogged down with the unhappy parts of life that you forget to counter-attack that negativity with things you love. I find myself forgetting to do this often, and I am not afraid to admit it.  I am human,Continue reading “Count your Blessings and Find the Balance.”

Blast from the past

Advertisements So, I’m starting to type all of my old poems and save them on my jump drive so that I don’t lose the papers or they don’t start to fade. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself, because I started writing and really keeping my poems together around 9th grade, so I will sayContinue reading “Blast from the past”

#ConfessionsOfALocdGoddess: What do Your Locs do for You? 

Advertisements I’ve been watching some loc videos and getting lots of wisdom and encouragement and came across this question: What do your locs do for you?  I decided to give my answer a try lol. When I first started my locs, I did not have a very significant story behind them, or specific goal IContinue reading “#ConfessionsOfALocdGoddess: What do Your Locs do for You? “

The Joys a Child Brings

Advertisements I never knew how much joy children really bring to your life, until I had one of my own. I could be having the worst day ever, I could want to cry my eyes out and lay in bed all day and do absolutely nothing; but my daughter makes that impossible. Since the dayContinue reading “The Joys a Child Brings”

Advertisements Yesterday I had a talk with you, and my soul opened up and the sun shined brighter once it realized a transformation had begun. My heart sang out with a feeling of content and joy injected itself into my veins and invaded my body like a drug. Tears fell from my eyes and aContinue reading