Smile More, Stress Less

Advertisements Why do we stress more than we smile? Smiling is such a beautiful thing; it brightens a day, brings on a sort of refreshing and therapeutic atmosphere and it just feels good. So, why is it so hard sometimes to smile more than we frown? Is it because of life? Is it because theContinue reading “Smile More, Stress Less”

Don’t Let Comparison Steal Your Joy

Advertisements I’m sure we have all heard the quote “comparison is the thief of all joy.” We as humans live in a world where comparison happens without knowledge. You see a person with a better job, better car, better house, etc. and sometimes we cannot help but compare our lives to others. What we don’tContinue reading “Don’t Let Comparison Steal Your Joy”

Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Laughter 

Advertisements The age-old quote says “laughter is good for the soul”, and I couldn’t agree more.  Ask yourself, when is the last time you laughed?  When is the last time something made you giggle uncontrollably.  Also, ask yourself how you felt after you had a good, hearty laugh.  Whenever I laugh, it’s like medicine toContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Laughter “

Hello, 2017

Advertisements 2017 began with me being very #CarefreeBlackGirl and confident in myself.   I pray that 2017 continues to allow me to do more of this; be happy, have fun, be confident and wear more cute shoes…lol.  Happy New Year! 

The Christmas Tag!!!

Advertisements “Chestnuts roasting, on an open fire……” So, today I’m feeling real holly and jolly today (possibly because of the Christmas  party we are having at work today).  As an extension of my holiday cheer, I am going to do the Christmas tag for you all!  I will have the questions down at theContinue reading “The Christmas Tag!!!”

Loving Yourself Gets Hard, and That’s Ok.

Advertisements Today, I was faced with an emotion that I haven’t felt in a long time;  I wasn’t happy with myself.  I was having a pretty bad day and beating myself up about it.  I hadn’t felt this way in a long time; in fact, I had been in surprisingly great spirits lately about aContinue reading “Loving Yourself Gets Hard, and That’s Ok.”

Hey Grandpa,

Advertisements For a number of years I’ve written small dedications to you, in some form or another.  Every year it seems that with a new accomplishment in my life, there’s a small sadness attached because you weren’t here to share in that joy.  We are now in year 10, and my emotions still are allContinue reading “Hey Grandpa,”

The Joys a Child Brings

Advertisements I never knew how much joy children really bring to your life, until I had one of my own. I could be having the worst day ever, I could want to cry my eyes out and lay in bed all day and do absolutely nothing; but my daughter makes that impossible. Since the dayContinue reading “The Joys a Child Brings”