Love Yourself….MORE.

Last year, around this time; I wrote a post on how to love yourself .

Today, after a long struggle and journey towards learning to love myself (and still working towards it), I am vowing to lean into….more.

Loving myself more.

Healing myself more.

Feeling more.

Doing more.

I’m trying to find the ways to love myself more. In these last two years of living on this Earth, I’ve realized that just loving is not enough. You have to be willing to do more for yourself before you give into anyone or anything else. When you pour your soul and yourself into everything else, you lose vital pieces of your essence. I had to remember that without me, I cannot love, I cannot heal, I cannot feel and I cannot do; for myself or others.

Personal responsibility plays a role in giving yourself the decency and respect of caring for the tender parts of yourself before you lean into someone else. Don’t ever make the mistake of putting someone else before you, when they don’t show or acknowledge it. And never love anyone more than you love yourself; and if you do, love yourself MORE before anything else.

I know I’ll never make the same mistake twice. 🖤


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  1. 🧝‍♀️Rarenwise🧝‍♀️ says:

    Me either. I made to t mistake with my ex. He took advantage of my dedication he was your classic energy vampire. At first he demanded so much from me even got jealous when I spoke to my kids (not his) that should have been my first red flag as our relationship evolved he started credits like it was me who demanded and manipulated. He’s been an addict his whole life and they only reason I’d started dating him was for false promises or sobriety. He couldn’t live himself and for that he completely brutalized me. I wouldn’t enable his erratic and irrational outbursts and behaviors and he assaulted me leaving me for dead because I wasn’t naive enough to allow for that manipulating any more. I gave him more of my own self than I should have I poured all of my
    Love into him and got very little in Return. Merely psychopathic outbursts belittle bet and. Degrading. R always had something insulting and mean to say yet preeched I was the one who needed to value or union. It was very bemusing. Either way. I neglected crucial pieces of me and my hobbies needs a desires and passions because he expected All of me and would get angry when I didn’t choose him over my things but on the flip side also get mad when he wanted to do his things an did call him out “why do you get mad at me but expect me to sit back and let you?”


  2. 🧝‍♀️Rarenwise🧝‍♀️ says:

    Thankfully my Lee one experience has helped me recognize other toxic traits and behaviors in others.


    1. Whit C. says:

      Yes exactly!! Every relationship or experience teaches us something that we can use in our lives to be better and choose better energy for our lives. 🖤


      1. 🧝‍♀️Rarenwise🧝‍♀️ says:

        Yes ma’am hoopla Chad learns cause he’s currently on a downward spiral


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