Self-Care Sunday: A Full-Circle Cleansing

Advertisements Good morning everyone! Here I am with another post dedicated to increasing your self-care arsenal. Today, my highlight will be cleansing; mind, physical, body and spirit. Last week, I did a much needed and anticipated comprehensive self-care day. I started with my mind. I meditated for about 20 minutes. I sat in my meditationContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: A Full-Circle Cleansing”

Self-Care Sunday: Sitting in Stillness

Advertisements After a long and stressful week of working, or even after the day’s events, sometimes I just want to sit in silence. There are days when I will sit in my meditation space, and instead of journaling or doing a guided meditation, I will just sit there and watch the candles as they flickerContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: Sitting in Stillness”

How to Get Prepared for the New Year!

Advertisements 2020 is fastly approaching (t-minus 4 days exactly). This mean resolutions will fly, parties will be planned, and most people will be deciding when and where they will be when the clock strikes midnight. Most of us will be plotting our next big success in 2020, and if we are properly prepared, nothing willContinue reading “How to Get Prepared for the New Year!”

Remembering to Find the Calm

Advertisements These last two days have been riddled with high levels of anxiety. They kind of came out of nowhere in a sense that I typically do not suffer from anxiety this high. There have just been very overwhelming feelings of worry and stress over somethings that have recently occurred between work and my personalContinue reading “Remembering to Find the Calm”

Self-Care Sunday: Give Your Skin that Glow

Advertisements This week for self-care I want to highlight something very simple yet very relaxing that I do once a week; sheet masks! I’ve been doing sheet masks for a couple months now and I must say I LOVE them! I do one at least once a week (sometimes twice depending on what I’m doingContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: Give Your Skin that Glow”

Self-Care Sunday: Creating Space for Yourself

Advertisements One thing that I feel is necessary for self-care is creating space for yourself. When you think about “creating space”, sometimes the first thing that comes to mind is physical space; cleaning, de-cluttering, doing basic “detoxing” of your life. Those are all good things; however, when I think of creating space for myself, IContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: Creating Space for Yourself”

Self-Care Sunday: The Chakra Alignment

Advertisements Recently, I’ve been into researching and learning about chakras, and how benficial it is for mine to be aligned in order for me to be completely balanced. Chakras were something I had gotten into last year, and it is carrying over into this year and I’m definitely taking it more seriously. I’ve noticed howContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: The Chakra Alignment”

Self-Care Sunday: Yoga

Advertisements This week’s highlight for self-care is something I’ve been adding into my fitness regimen lately; yoga! Lately, at least two-three times a week, I’ve committed to doing at least 20-30 minutes of yoga. A lot of people wonder what you can get out of yoga, or what the point of it is; well I’mContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: Yoga”

Self-Care Sunday: Take a Deep Breath! 

Advertisements When’s the last time you took a moment, paused what you were doing and took a deep breath?  Think about it…been a minute, huh? Exactly!  We all know life gets hectic and we don’t really take the time to just sit around and take a couple deep breaths and relax.  Well, today is theContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: Take a Deep Breath! “