Self-Care Sunday: A Full-Circle Cleansing

Advertisements Good morning everyone! Here I am with another post dedicated to increasing your self-care arsenal. Today, my highlight will be cleansing; mind, physical, body and spirit. Last week, I did a much needed and anticipated comprehensive self-care day. I started with my mind. I meditated for about 20 minutes. I sat in my meditationContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: A Full-Circle Cleansing”

#HairGoals for 2017

Advertisements Just like I have goals for my life in general, I’ve been contemplating some hair goals of my own as well.  I’ve had locs since 2013 (for details on that, just peruse my #ConfessionsOfALocdGoddess hashtag) and I’ve done pretty well as far as maintaining them myself with little to no time in a salon.Continue reading “#HairGoals for 2017”

A Little Loc Appreciation

Advertisements It amazes me when people see my hair and say they love it. I’m like:  “really? Today of all days when I need to moisturize, wash and retwist?”   Edges look all kinds of disrespectful but people love it.  I guess I’m taking care of it pretty well!  Shoutout to all the beautifully loc’dContinue reading “A Little Loc Appreciation”

#ConfessionsOfALocdGoddess: My Tips for Healthy Growth

Advertisements No one set of locs is the same, but I do feel as a natural hair community, there are several things that we can all learn from each other that keep one common goal in mind: strong, healthy hair. On the 11th, I will be at month 29 for my locs. I’ve noticed inContinue reading “#ConfessionsOfALocdGoddess: My Tips for Healthy Growth”

#ConfessionsOfALocdGoddess: Because My Locs Been Poppin’ Lately


Summer 16: Bucket List

Advertisements Since summer is finally upon us (officially according to my calendar), I am creating a summer bucket list.  I am going to live life this summer, despite the previous summers where all I do is work and don’t enjoy life.  So, here goes. Hit a water park, or 2. Go to the beach, severalContinue reading “Summer 16: Bucket List”

#ConfessionsOfALocdGoddess: Just Because

Advertisements Because y’all haven’t seen the amazing-ness that is this hair in a while. I love my hair most when it has more of the burgundy-copper-ish color to it. And this hang time is getting ridiculous. I’m loving every second of this journey, y’all just don’t know!

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Advertisements I’m back red and it’s giving me all kinds of life…. #Yaaaasssss #Weeeeerrrrrkkkk  #Sllllaaaayyyyy 

#ConfessionsOfALocdGoddess: Happy 2 Year Locversary

Advertisements Recently, I celebrated 2 years of embracing this loc journey.  I’ve had a wonderful journey with my hair and I wouldn’t change it for the world! I’ve seen my hair grow and become stronger and healthier. In the past year, I’ve colored, had a few styles and adapted a pretty steady routine. Some ofContinue reading “#ConfessionsOfALocdGoddess: Happy 2 Year Locversary”