My Free Time is Not Free

Advertisements Lately I’ve been doing a lot of self-evaluation; an effort in trying to become a better “me”, if you will. I’ve been through some scenarios that have provided the shocking conclusion that my “free time” is never actually “free”. People spend an unnecessary amount of time trying to figure out what it is theyContinue reading “My Free Time is Not Free”

Self-Care Sunday: Creating Space for Yourself

Advertisements One thing that I feel is necessary for self-care is creating space for yourself. When you think about “creating space”, sometimes the first thing that comes to mind is physical space; cleaning, de-cluttering, doing basic “detoxing” of your life. Those are all good things; however, when I think of creating space for myself, IContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: Creating Space for Yourself”

Home: an ode to my sanctuary

Advertisements After a long day, I like to run away, To a place I like to call home, Where I can be all alone. My bed, My kitchen, My bathroom, My living room. All of these places, Are my getaway spaces. A no judgement zone Where I can be all alone. Day 5