Naked Truth

A bare face and a pure soul,
I ask nothing more but for you to see me.

I know this is new to you, something that you may not be used to,
but I had a feeling that between all of the good vibes losing time in each other’s eyes, I lied to you.
I didn’t mean to and please believe me when I say it was never my plan to lead you on,
But before you profess to me that you have found your forbidden love let me show you me.

Let me show you the woman who puts on the mask of confidence but cries when no one can hear the pain in her.

Let me introduce you to a woman who hides behind a facade of happiness but is slowly dying inside.

I need you to see me for what I’m worth to you, completely bare with no place to hide the insecurities, so you can tell me if you’re really all in.

Don’t tell me you love me now, and shy away when the shit gets real.

Don’t tell me you’re there for me and you’re not around when I need someone to wipe my tears.

When the depression starts to eat away at my smile, will I still be the most beautiful woman you have ever seen.

When you find out I’ve been places and done things, will I still be the woman in your dreams?

Are you really ready to know the shit my heart has been through?

Will you stand beneath the storm clouds with me, when the sunlight is too far gone for see?

Will you accept my truth; when it’s unclothed and exposed for the world to view.

When my true colors show, will you still want what’s left of me?

The parts that don’t shine as brightly as you’d like,

The pieces of me that you thought weren’t used,

The layers of my soul that have been abused?

Will you still love me if I showed you my naked truth?

Take a minute to think about this, because I need to know if you will still be all in.