REPOST: Who’s in Your Circle? 

Advertisements The older I get, the more I realize that keeping good people around me is one of the keys to a happy and successful life.  I’ve learned that if you don’t have a solid circle of friends who are not on your level and striving to get better, then you don’t really need themContinue reading “REPOST: Who’s in Your Circle? “

3 Harsh Truths About Your Personal Growth That No One Tells You —

Advertisements There was a time in my life when pain was my natural state of being. Darkness was comfort. It actually felt completely normal for me to be unhappy or unsatisfied all of the time. I reveled in dysfunction by choosing to entertain inharmonious, unhealthy relationships. These were things that were comfortable for me. I […]Continue reading “3 Harsh Truths About Your Personal Growth That No One Tells You —”

Trust and Forgiveness. 

Advertisements Everyone has to battle with the concept of trust and forgiveness at some point of their lives with someone in their lives that they care strongly about.  Lately, I’ve been seeing these 2 things going hand-in-hand with each other, because without initially trusting someone, how can you really forgive them?  I feel that onContinue reading “Trust and Forgiveness. “

Naked Truth

Advertisements A bare face and a pure soul, I ask nothing more but for you to see me. I know this is new to you, something that you may not be used to, but I had a feeling that between all of the good vibes losing time in each other’s eyes, I lied to you.Continue reading “Naked Truth”

Day Two: What’s up with my Tagline and Title?

Advertisements Day 2’s activity of the Blogging101 course is creating a title and tagline.  Since I have had my blog for a couple months now, I just wanted to talk about why I chose my title and tagline and where it comes from. First, I will not give myself much credit, as the title andContinue reading “Day Two: What’s up with my Tagline and Title?”