What is Poetry? My Own Little Personal Essay

The closer I get to finishing my book, the more and more I think of publishing, and the more and more I think about the many times I told myself I would publish my poetry.  I have sang this tune to myself many times, and still I have not completed that task.

It is a task that I will need to complete, because part of my literary goal is to have a book of poetry that I created, autographed and sitting on my bookshelf.  As my poetry, dating back to circa 2006-2007, sits in a binder in a nightstand drawer, I decided this weekend that I need to start getting that put in a more permanent form.

If anyone could ask me what I could spend the rest of my life doing, it would be writing poetry.  I am in love with poetry and if I ever lost the ability to express myself through that medium, I would definitely live a slow and agonizing death to my spirit.  Poetry is like taking a breath of fresh air to me.  Whenever I feel down, pissed, upset, happy, ecstatic; and I can’t articulate what I am feeling, I write a poem.

Many people are questioned about what poetry means to them.  To me, poetry is the rawest form of expression.  It is uncut, unedited, non-judgmental truth.  It’s pure thought and to alter it would be a crime to me.  If I were to publish a book of poetry and someone were to try and edit it, I wouldn’t accept that.  Poetry is not meant to be edited if it is someone’s truth.  Or at least, that is how I interpret my poetry.

Every time I write a poem, I don’t pre-plan it.  I don’t do a first draft, I don’t edit.  I just sit down and I write until my pen stops; until the thoughts stop pouring out of my head.  Poetry is like a drug; it gives you an out-of-control rush and an amazing high.  Sometimes, you run out of thoughts and you go through a withdrawal.  It sucks, but it happens.  Once I finally find the rush again, it’s like a weight lifted off my soul.

I’ve never had an addiction this bad before, lol, but it’s one that I wouldn’t give up for the world.  I love poetry and I will never stop writing it. 🙂