No Scale Victories


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So, I know I haven’t touched base with it on my blog lately, but my fitness journey is still going strong.  I haven’t been perfect by any means, but I am beginning to find my love for working out again, and it makes things so much easier.  I have also kept strong to drinking at least 1 gallon of water a day.  There have been some days where I fall off a bit, I get busy at work and realize that I am behind schedule with my drinking, but for the most part, I am taking in at least a gallon or more, which is awesome.

The other good thing about that is the more water I drink, the less soda I want.  I am working on 12 oz every other day.  It’s been a struggle (especially on those days when I need the energy boost), but I am making it through.  Soda has and always will be my vice.  I don’t expect to never drink a Pepsi again in my life, but I would like to get to a point where I don’t need more than one in one day.  I have made drastic improvements on it though, going from 2 or 3 20 oz a day, to 1 12 oz a day or every other day.  Yay for me!!

The two things I mentioned are what I like to call no scale victories.  These are things that I see changing about my life that I can’t measure on the scale.  I have a few more no scale victories that I am quite proud of:

  • I am eating less carbs
  • I rarely get on the scale because it is not an accurate depiction of my efforts
  • shopping more on the outside of the grocery store (as opposed to shopping in the middle aisles where the not-so-healthy foods are)
  • I worked out at home today, when usually I would have gotten busy with something and opted against it
  • I have found a form of cardio I enjoy (jump rope, bike and the elliptical) as opposed to constantly being on the treadmill or on a trail/track all the time as cardio.  It began to be tedious and I was not finding myself improving in stamina by only utilizing running/walking as a method of cardio

All these things I have noticed about myself, and they allow me to be more motivated to continue on this journey.  I have also been more active on my IG page that I made for my weight loss journey (@whit_gets_fit_ ) which shows all my good, bad and in between’s of my quest for a healthier lifestyle (and no, I’m not looking my best in some of my pics.  I’m showing the sweaty, dirty side of weight loss LOL).

I just want everyone to remember that sometimes, you won’t see the numbers change on the scale, but you will feel and see changes in yourself and your body that you have to be proud of.  If you do not reward yourself for the no scale victories, the journey will become difficult.

You will see more accomplishments OFF the scale, than you will ON the scale 🙂

Good luck to anyone on their weight loss journey, and if you have an IG, follow me!!