Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Meditation

This week, I am going to give you all a quick self-care tip that I have come to love in the recent weeks: meditation.

First of all, we all lead busy and demanding lives.  We are being pulled and twisted and turned in so many different directions, that sometimes we leave little to no time to ourselves.  I know I have personally ran myself until I am  nearly on E, and I have nothing left to give to anyone.  I decided that in 2017, I told myself that I would begin to take advantage of being selfish, and making time to ensure that my number one priority was taking care of myself, so that I could be all that I could be for my loved ones; and that began with certain self-care techniques.  Meditation was one of the things I had been wanting to start for a long time, and I decided to start it this year.

Meditation has given me some great benefits.  It has caused me to regain focus when I feel like I am losing my mind.  It helps me to focus more on positivity instead of the negative factors in life, and also gives me a restart if I feel like my energy needs a boost in the middle of  a workday.  Meditation is known to be a great investment in your self and one’s personal well-being and also helps you be a better person for those around you.

I had heard about an app called Insight (which can be downloaded on Android and iPhone) which allows you to preset your own timers, or bookmark your own guided meditations within the app.  It is actually a pretty cool app that I use at least daily (either in the morning, at night or both) to keep myself calm and centered.  Even if you need to set a timer for a quick 5 minutes on a break during work, you have the ability to do so with this app.  I must say it was a worthy investment of my time, and it’s made me more accountable because it allows you to create a daily reminder that pops up on my phone to remind me to make sure I do my daily meditation.  Along with this app, I have also utilized different things such as downloading playlists on Tidal with meditation music and practicing yoga (which will be a separate self-care post 🙂 ).

So, if you are looking for a quick way to unwind and keep yourself sane in the middle of the day, a way to jump start and motivate your morning; or a great way to wind down and clear your mind for the evening, try adding meditation to your self-care regimen!