Be Magical AF.

I have to take this time to shoutout the #SelfishBabe app because it is truly inspirational. I’ve never dealt with an affirmation app that was so blunt and real and truthfully, this is needed in my life at this current time.

I need small reminders that I have greatness in my soul and I refuse to let anyone dim the light that shines through me. I’m committed to growing and glowing and like the picture says, the world is dealing with a magical MF!!!

If you need daily doses of realness and inspiration to be the lit ass individual you are, download the #SelfishBabe app and get your entire life!!!


A letter to 2019.

I went through some very interesting circumstances this year; some that I’ve never been through before, some even that I have barely been ok enough to talk about. I wasn’t always being 100% for the important people in my life. I wasn’t present for a lot of people I love this year. I wasn’t present for myself. I didn’t set boundaries like I talked about, and I allowed people to take me for granted. I started to question things that I’ve learned, and things I’ve adapted to and wondered if they truly were for me. I was blessed to see another 365 days, and I pray I see another 365 more.

I wanted to make mention of the things that didn’t go quite right for me, in order to set myself up to be more motivated to make sure I don’t repeat the same things. Some of the times I had this past year have been some of the lowest of my life, but my hope is not to dwell on those things; but rather reflect and adjust accordingly so that they don’t happen again.

In 2019, I don’t want to make any big resolutions or anything, but I want to affirm put into the universe that I will truly love me first. When I say love me first, I mean set the boundaries I didn’t set, put the intentions out in the world that will help me evolve. I want to say what I want with strength and weight behind it and don’t make bullshit promises to myself. I want to set a goal, a real one and actually put in the work to achieve it. I want to attain the success I know I’m capable of, and stop acting like good things can’t happen to me.

There are a few things I’d like to step out of the box and try, and I’m making it my mission to do those things in 2019. I’ve realized the only thing stopping me is my own apprehension and doubtful energy. So this year, my goal will be to create the right kind of energy spaces for me to evolve and become my best self, because I know I’m destined for things far better than what they have been, and my only goal is to always stay on the grind to achieve that.

With all this being said, I am hopeful for positive energy. I am aiming for a successful year and meaningful transitions. 2018 is a year that broke me down, but 2019 will be the year I am rebuilt and reborn.

Watch out.

Big Girl Moves!

When you have children, you never know what to cherish; what moments to etch into your memory, what silly things to photograph or put on video, or what things you should never take for granted. As parents, we try to make everything a lasting moment, but sometimes that’s not possible. Today, I had a brief moment of sadness, as i realized my daughter is truly beginning to own her independence.


We usually walk Kynn up to the school and drop her off right in the front so she can walk from there. We do this for 2 main reasons; 1- it gives us the opportunity to still make sure she gets into the school, and 2- it’s quicker than the parent drop off line.

I remember one day, my husband told me that he took her through the parent drop off line at school (for reasons that escape me now). We didn’t think much of it, because she really didn’t mention it after that, until lately.

Lately, Kynn has been very adamant that she wants to “walk by herself” (get dropped off) instead of us walking her. We refused it a few times, which she wasn’t happy about, but finally, the other day my husband started taking her back through the parent drop off. Now, this typically doesn’t phase me because he takes her and I pick her up from school.

Yesterday, due to Brandon being out of town for work, I took Kynn to school this morning. On our way there, I called my husband and he mentioned her walking up to school by herself. She said that she wanted me to drop her off, and she was a big girl and could walk to school by herself now. I’m not gonna lie, I was a little in my feelings about it, lol. I guess you could say that I was being a little selfish about our moment to walk up to the school, and being able to see her meet up with her friends and walk to her hallway.

So, instead of parking and walking her in, I took my place in the drop off line as requested. So here I was, in the line we said we’d never go in (mainly because it’s typically long as hell lol). Once it was Kynn’s turn, she took her seatbelt off, told me bye and hopped out of the car. The principal was there (he and several other teachers will escort the kids to the door or the school) and walked her right up to the door. She didn’t even look back, Lol. She was very happy though, and that’s what’s more important.

I tried to watch her, but I had to keep the line moving, so I drove on. I can admit that I had a few mixed feelings about this. I couldn’t help it, my little firecracker is now becoming a big kid right before my eyes. She’s developing her own personality and space and she expresses how she want things done her way.

I realized today that time is moving faster than I ever imagined. We are technically halfway through her first year of school, and before i know it, she’ll officially be in elementary school. I will admit there are a lot of things we do not restrict her from or constantly hover for, because we know we have a very independent child, but me and my husband do still have a few moments here and there where we know we are needed, and we take advantage of those moments because we know they are becoming more non-existent than we are ready for.

I try to prepare her for the world and what it has for her, but the reality is I never will know what’s in store for her life. Only God knows what path Kynn is destined to take. I know she knows she still has her parents in her corner always, but I feel like this is one of those little steps towards a more mature adolescent. What I do know and look forward to though, are those special moments when she does still need me, and best believe, I’ll always be by her side for as long as she needs me. 🖤

Do You Have Control?

I was recently involved in a situation, where I allowed my emotions to get the best of my better judgement. By allowing that to happen, I made decisions very haphazardly, without truly taking the time to process how i felt, digest it and find a more reasonable response for them. I find that many people do this everyday; they allow their emotions to take full control of situations, and sometimes that is not the best thing.

Do you ever notice yourself losing control of your human emotion? Whenever something happens that triggers something within you, how do you handle it? Do you feel you have total control of your emotional response?

When you take the time to really think about it, how much control do we have over our emotions? Are your emotions based on human control or are they subconsciously inhabited and arise without the ability to control or mitigate them?

I battled with this questions for some time, but after going through an experience where i has the opportunity to allow my emotions to take the reigns, I realized that as adults we sometimes have to learn the art of controlling those knee-jerk emotions, no matter how serious the situation may be. Controlling your emotions allows you to be mindful of decisions, as they can directly effect your relationship with people. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that in my humble opinion I believe that emotions can be brought on as a reactionary response to certain actions; however, we as adults have the maturity and capability to control and manage our emotional behavior. Otherwise, the world would be in a great deal of trouble.

There are so many things that happen in a day. I go through a number of experiences, both good and bad; and if I do not keep a handle on my emotions, things can go haywire. Imagine if you allowed your emotions and feelings to control every decision you made or every reaction to a specific action; how much of your life may you begin to regret based on those decisions you made while you were “in your feelings”? How many times would you have to go back and correct or apologize for your actions or words, during a moment when emotions took over as opposed to a calming, more simpler approach to an issue?

When we allow ourselves the opportunity to be in full control of our emotions, we open up the opportunity to make sound and mindful decisions in regards to our everyday life circumstances. Don’t allow negative of out of control emotions bring you outside of your character; we must always handle situations with control and a positive attitude in order to be great in life.

Happy Anniversary Write, Live and Love

Today, 3 years ago, I started my journey towards blogging on this very site.

Since that time, I’ve been through many names, many ideas, many themes, concepts and styles.

One thing that’s remained the same is this: I love writing for my followers and I love sharing my small part of the world with you.

Thank you all for riding with me down this path called life. Thank you for looking into the world through my eyes every week.

I hope you continue to stay with me and see all the new and amazing content I’m bringing to you all.

Here’s to things becoming better and better in the years to come.



Dear Perseverance,

The first month of 2018 is over, and it was quite an interesting one.

First of all, congratulate yourself on what you accomplished this month; you read more, laughed more, meditated and connected with yourself more, prayed more, smiled more, and most importantly persevered more than ever before. Despite the things that brought you down, you fought your way through the emotional trials and made it to 1.31.18.

It’s not easy to tell yourself that you’re going to make it through something; it’s not easy to maintain a level of self-accountability and check your own self when things are going the way they need to, but you did. You owned your flaws, your negativity, you let yourself be vulnerable when it was needed, and you developed routines and habits that will remain constant in your life for the entire year. Even when the day seemed like it was beating you down, you did what it took to persevere through it all.

So next month, don’t quit while you’re ahead. Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t downplay the awesome things you overcome, because sometimes we all fall short but it’s about how we push through those tough times.

When Adulting Got Real

So, I saw this question posed on Twitter and decided it would be a good question for me to answer in the form of a blog post. So many times, we hear young millennials say “I can’t wait ’til I’m grown”; and quite frankly, I can remember a time when not so long ago, I was saying it myself. Now here I am, grown, and wishing I was a teenager again without all these adult responsibilities! I mean, what was I thinking?!

So the question posed on Twitter was this:

“what or when was the specific moment in life when you felt like an adult?”

My answer would have to be the first time I paid an electric bill in the winter time. It sounds very silly to say, but that moment was a teachable moment for me, because I learned a few things:

  • How to strategize keeping my temperature in my house reasonable to save money (energy saving techniques and whatnot)
  • How electric companies gouge prices in the winter time (because that’s really all they’re doing in the end smh)
  • Why my mother was so adamant about me NOT touching the thermostat after she set it (LOL)

Now, I had been handling bills on my own (or with roommates rather) for a while at that time, but never really realized just how serious a winter-time electric bill could be until this moment. I knew adulthood had gotten real and after I had a stern conversation with the electric company, I knew right then how to play the game so I wouldn’t get played again.

It may have been a normal, or minimal moment for some who have been through this before, but for me, this was my moment of truth to say “yo, I’m an adult; and this is about to get real!” Lol. It was quite a learning experience for me and it was amazing now that I look back on that one memory and am amazed at the few valuable lessons it taught me about some of the most simple things in life. 🙂

What about you; what moment in your life solidified adulthood for you?