Stretching my Creative Muscles

Lately, I’ve had the urge to do more with my creative brain. Currently, I am a writer; I write poetry, prose, short stories, novels. That brings me peace, but I also want something that can make me explore and expand my creative ideas. I have been thinking about painting and photography mainly, as those are two things that I enjoy doing. I know there are so many different means of being creative, so the possibilities are endless.

I have been trying to do more of listening to my intuitions and following what my spirit is telling me. I have wanted to get into another hobby of sorts, and figure out what can evolve from it. Maybe I will start taking pictures and realize that it ain’t it for me, lol. Or I will realize that painting is an art form and a talent that I will never possess. Either way, I’m willing to give anything a shot.

So, I guess we shall see where this newfound urge to expand will take me :). Does anyone else experience this? Are there any other forms of creativity you have launched in your lives as a result of this feeling? I’d love to hear about it!


How To Take Care of The Right Brain

Many times we talk about self-care, and how important it is to take time out to yourself (it is actually a requirement of mine). What we don’t think about, is to how to also take care of our creative mind. It actually is quite simple, as a lot of the thing you would do to take care of yourself, also will allow you to take care of the part of your brain that thrives in the creativity department. So, to get an idea of how to give your brain the dedicated self-care it deserves, think about these few things when you’re taking the time out for yourself:

  1. Adequate rest – in my humble opinion, a restful mind is a creative mind. Getting an adequate amount of rest and recharging will aide in better productivity and more creativity when working on different projects. I know society’s perspective is 7-9 hours; however, I can function on 6-7. You also have to know your body, because too much sleep can then make you a lot more tired than you were before.
  2. Filling your head with knowledge – I believe that the world is nothing but a big classroom, filled with tools and resources for knowledge. I try to do better at reading the news, different articles about certain topics, writing (or typing if I’m in my phone) random thoughts or ideas that come to me, anything that would help push along the creative rush. I feel the more I learn, the more creative I will be, and I’ll be able to lean on different topics to gain more ideas.
  3. Meditation – sometimes, I find bringing my mind to a certain level of stillness makes me more positive and more productive in the long run.
  4. Positive thought process – if my mind is clouded with negativity, my creative mind is stifled. Writer’s block creeps in, ideas do not flow, a whole mess.

All of these are amazing tips to incorporate into your daily life, because protecting our creativity is important. Those of us who thrive on the idea of creativity and shining in our given talents need to take into account the idea of taking care of ourselves, and our ability to create.

My Free Time is Not Free

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of self-evaluation; an effort in trying to become a better “me”, if you will. I’ve been through some scenarios that have provided the shocking conclusion that my “free time” is never actually “free”.

People spend an unnecessary amount of time trying to figure out what it is they want to do, and then get upset when they do not have the energy and time to do it because they’ve been catering to everything else that does not agree with the concept of free time.

I’m sure there are several occasions when you’ve told yourself you’re going to have a free day, and do things that you truly enjoy, but our productivity mindset is so wired in that we end up doing things that do not align with what our intentions were. Then at the end of it all, you wonder “did I actually even give myself a break?”

I’ve done this far too often; I even did it last night. I intended to do one thing for 5 minutes, and then spend the rest of the time reading. I ended up spending 45 minutes doing work related things, because it would have helped me be more productive the next day. What I really did, is cheated myself out of valuable minutes to myself, doing something I thoroughly enjoy (which is reading a good book).

I guess the million-dollar question for me is: why do we do this to ourselves? Why does society always live in a wave of self-sabotage? The world may never know. What I do know, is that we should begin to take more conscious opportunities to really seize the chance at embracing our free time and not making it about productivity. Life is tough, and you’re allowed to have a few lazy moments here and there. Whenever you have a moment to truly do what you want, or nothing at all; take that chance! You may never know when you’ll get a golden moment like that again.

Took a Small Break, but I’ll be Back Soon

So, if anyone has been paying attention, the blog has definitely been a little DRY lately :(.  I sort of hit a rut and a rough patch for the last couple of weeks in regards to blogging.  Between work, editing my next book, working on some poetry and life; unfortunately, my blog took a smooth back burner position for a while.

I wouldn’t say this was a bad thing; it gave me time to think about new posts, re-evaluate my blog, and I’m even taking some time to look into how to take my passion and love for blogging and expand it farther than I’ve ever dreamed!  I was doing really good, but sometimes, a small break is good for your creativity.

I just wanted to make a small post and let you all know that I hope I haven’t lost any of you, and that I will be taking some time to prep some more posts and come out with some new content very soon!! 🙂

We’re Tired of Companies That Always “Get it Wrong”

There are really no words to describe the outrage that appeared in social media when this picture showed up

“Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” is what the hoodie says.

Well alright. 😐

My first reaction to the hoodie was, “well, that was HORRIBLY executed and offensive as hell.” I also knew that there was going to be some extensive apology about how H&M they just “got it wrong” with their marketing.  In actuality, they issued this initial statement:

Same old story, different company.

How many times have we seen this happen over the years; a company will release a highly offensive ad or product, the public is enraged, they apologize and it is removed from their company? Now, I will be honest; was I horrifically outraged and ready to ride through my local H&M parking lot with signs and protest?  Not particularly.  Will I be shopping at H&M?  I don’t shop there now, so they weren’t really getting much business out of me anyway, *shrugs*.  They never really were a “top priority” option for me as far as clothing stores anyway, so the boycotting of their product is not something that appeals to me on that level.

What really makes me roll my eyes harder than anything on this universe, is the whole apology that eludes to someone on their team missing the mark on something that they NOW realize is highly offensive and causes some great unrest with the greater population.  I am starting to wonder (which I am 95% sure I know the answer to this) if there is any level of diversity on any of these marketing teams who have made these blaring errors.  Just someone who could say, “hey guys, before y’all send that out, you may want to rethink that; because it miiiiiiiight not be the best look”.  I really feel like if a lot of these companies’ marketing or creative teams were diversified, there would not be situations like these where the company would have to make public statements about how wrong they got it with their ad when it came out, especially when the first reaction is offense to different races and/or cultures.  If there are people of diverse races and cultures on their marketing teams, I would love to know how in the world no one thought this would not go over well for H&M.

In a time when race is a very gentle subject matter (given the President that we currently have in office especially), it is no secret that there are many people who pointing out when things are highly offensive to them.  They are not being silent about it and speaking up about how they feel.  I will not deny or downplay the way anyone feels about this child’s hoodie, because I too feel that it can cause offense for several people; however, I do know there are others who are far more angrier than I am and the apology H&M gave is not going over well as enough to win back the hearts of those who once were consumers of H&M clothing and accessories.

I hope that in time, they can come back from this, but I also hope a valuable lesson was learned by them and other companies to hopefully add more diverse minds and opinions to the decision-making process with certain ads and things that are being made.  There are so many ideas and products being put together that it is not hard for one person to look at something and think there is no problem, but another to be able to offer perspective that may be able to save public humiliation.  In a perfect world, one could only hope that when there is a well-rounded group of individuals coming together, these are the kind of things that can be discussed at that table and deemed inappropriate.  They would able to let people know when something will not possibly go over well with their consumer base, and it could save a lot of things like what is happening to H&M right now.

#50Days50Questions: It’s Time I Stopped Running

I recently reblogged a post I found on a fellow blogger, As Told by Sid‘s website that highlights 50 questions to ask yourself towards self-discovery.  I kind of adapted the same mindset as she did; challenge accepted! Lol.

I figured this may be an interesting quest, and since I told myself that the summer was going to be an opportunity for me to find more ways to improve my writing and find different things to blog about, what better opportunity than to have 50 days worth of questions to answer?  And who knows, I may even find out a thing or two about myself that I didn’t even know about myself, lol.

So, here goes.  To make it a little interesting, I am going to start at #50, and go up from there.  Here we go!

Q: “Is there something I am running from?  Is it time to face it?”

A: Not anymore.

I will admit that if I would have asked myself this question about a year or two ago, I would have lied and told myself no, but truthfully, the answer would be yes.  I have always considered myself to be very modest and humble; I don’t brag, boast or make myself known to many people.  Oftentimes, I am someone who likes to be behind the scenes, rather than be front and center.  So if you asked me a year or two ago if I was running from anything in particular, I would say I was running from the ability to go out and expand my creativity the way I truly wanted to.

2016-2017 has been a time period where I just began to truly expand myself as a writer and blogger.  These are the two avenues in which I have been able to truly put myself out there with the one thing in this world that I am passionate about, which is writing.  My one goal in life was to publish a book, and I finally did that in 2016.  The problem with the Whitney of 2016 and the Whitney of 2015, was 2015 Whitney would have never dreamed of letting anyone read that published book.  She would have ran away from the idea of allowing the public know that she had a talent that deserved to be shared with the world.

So I ran from the opportunity to showcase my talent and continued to hide behind my notebooks, pens and pencils until I finally told myself that in order to truly become who I wanted to become in life, I could no longer hide.  Granted, I may not be a famous writer one day or I may not be a well-known blogger, but being a writer doesn’t mean you hide in the shadows and no one knows your name.

2017 Whitney is a published author, with three more published works upcoming this year.  2017 Whitney has two established blog sites with regular traffic and a pretty decent following.  2017 Whitney stopped running and stopped letting her insecurity dictate her success and defer her dreams.


Here is the link to the original article, and I have to shoutout As Told by Sid one more time for the blog post that I read that brought my attention to this.  I am excited to see where this journey takes me, and I wonder what I will discover about myself through answering these questions! 🙂

Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Meditation

This week, I am going to give you all a quick self-care tip that I have come to love in the recent weeks: meditation.

First of all, we all lead busy and demanding lives.  We are being pulled and twisted and turned in so many different directions, that sometimes we leave little to no time to ourselves.  I know I have personally ran myself until I am  nearly on E, and I have nothing left to give to anyone.  I decided that in 2017, I told myself that I would begin to take advantage of being selfish, and making time to ensure that my number one priority was taking care of myself, so that I could be all that I could be for my loved ones; and that began with certain self-care techniques.  Meditation was one of the things I had been wanting to start for a long time, and I decided to start it this year.

Meditation has given me some great benefits.  It has caused me to regain focus when I feel like I am losing my mind.  It helps me to focus more on positivity instead of the negative factors in life, and also gives me a restart if I feel like my energy needs a boost in the middle of  a workday.  Meditation is known to be a great investment in your self and one’s personal well-being and also helps you be a better person for those around you.

I had heard about an app called Insight (which can be downloaded on Android and iPhone) which allows you to preset your own timers, or bookmark your own guided meditations within the app.  It is actually a pretty cool app that I use at least daily (either in the morning, at night or both) to keep myself calm and centered.  Even if you need to set a timer for a quick 5 minutes on a break during work, you have the ability to do so with this app.  I must say it was a worthy investment of my time, and it’s made me more accountable because it allows you to create a daily reminder that pops up on my phone to remind me to make sure I do my daily meditation.  Along with this app, I have also utilized different things such as downloading playlists on Tidal with meditation music and practicing yoga (which will be a separate self-care post 🙂 ).

So, if you are looking for a quick way to unwind and keep yourself sane in the middle of the day, a way to jump start and motivate your morning; or a great way to wind down and clear your mind for the evening, try adding meditation to your self-care regimen!