Self-Care Sunday: Rest 

In honor of Mother’s Day, I chose a self care technique that all mothers across America should be practicing at some point today: REST! Lol.

Rest is probably in the top tier of self care tips, because without the proper rest, it’s like continuing to drive without putting gas in a car.  Most times, we work ourselves until our very last possible point; until we have nothing left possible to give anyone else, and at that moment, we are just shy of a mound of dust ready to fly away in the wind.  What we have to remember is, before we can be great for anyone else, we have to learn to take care of our bodies and one of the key factors of that, is to rest our bodies when our bodies tell us it needs rest.

Sometimes, our bodies will tell us it needs to be rested and sometimes we don’t listen, so we definitely need to take heed to the messages that it gives us (such as headaches, pains, stress, illness, etc.).

Here are some things you can do to get yourself well-rested:

  • Rest before your body tells you to.
  • Avoid things that you know will keep you awake (social media, caffeine, etc.)
  • Give yourself a regular bedtime.  As we get older, we have to be more accountable.  No more late nights! 🙂
  • Try meditation to help relax your mind before bed and help you ease into a rested night (see this post for my self-care highlight on Meditation).

So, to all those who work hard every day, with a special shoutout to all the mothers near and far, I say to you, take this day to take an opportunity to get some rest if you can.

Happy Mother’s Day, and I hope you all have a wonderful day! 🙂


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