Back Burner Blues

Have you ever noticed how hard you work for the ones you love; so hard that sometimes you don’t put that same energy into yourself? 

This is a disease I like to call “putting yourself on the back burner.”  I remember seeing my mom do it several times with my sister and I growing up; and I can now see myself doing it with my family.  I believe the disease is genetic, lol. 

Far too often, most of us are the most selfless humans in the world and we don’t even know it.  We go through life pleasing and meeting everyone’s needs but our own. Why is that?  Why is it that people strive so hard to do good things for others, but never take the time to do good things for ourselves? 

I can admit that I am horribly guilty of this.  I will move mountains for other people, get them whatever their hearts desires; but when it comes to me? Nothing.  I noticed this when I was shopping one weekend.  Something so simple as buying something for myself, I find every excuse not to.  Now, if my husband sees something in the store that he wants, I will make note of it and do what I can to get it for him to make him happy.  If we are in the children’s section, I’m dropping coins on the kid with no problem. See how weird that is? EXACTLY! Lol.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that there is nothing wrong with treating myself to things just as often (if not more) as everyone else I love.  I think this comes with adulting; once you realize there are others who need you, you know that leaves less and less time to treat yourself to the things that give you all the feels. I have to work on this; I assume that the older I get, the better I’ll do with it. 

We shall see.