The Election of 2016: The Storm Has Passed…

So, the morning after #ElectionNight2016 feels about as good as an unintended hangover. I’ve had one and it’s not pleasant.  As everyone else, I felt it upon my heart to get some of my thoughts out about  the election.  I will promise you that I am not here to crunch numbers, compare policies, practices  or processes.  I am here simply to state my  feelings and reactions to possibly one of the most entertaining  (using that term loosely) campaigns and election races I have  ever seen in my years of being able to comprehend and understand politics to the degree that I do.

Last night I watched, and will openly admit, I was being a little playful at the idea that Donald Trump  could win the election.  But then,  I saw them  break down county voting, state voting,  saw states go  from red to blue, votes literally coming down to the wire, and I thought “this is  is really real.”  Even in the early hours of the vote-counting, I  felt in my  spirit that this was not going to  end well.

I woke up this morning,  and couldn’t quite  describe my exact feeling.  I  wasn’t enraged, upset,  or anything to that effect.  I  was  truly shocked, surprised and nervous.  I literally could not believe that Donald J. Trump had won the 2016 election for President.  Maybe I was a fool, but I completely felt that  there was NO WAY, that the general population of the United States would have voted for Trump to become President.  I thought, “it  couldn’t be.  It just couldn’t be.”

Well, boy was I  wrong.  Here I  am, briefly waking up out of a slumber to see Trump gracing my  television and all  I thought was, “oh hell no! I can’t believe it!”  Needless to  say, I licked my wounds and went back to sleep.  When I woke up to begin my day, I checked  CNN and lo and behold, my brief wake up was not a dream.  Trump actually won. Wow.  That’s all I could really  say.

I also perused my social media feeds to guage the temperature of my friends and family.  The temperature ranged from indifference, anger,  rage, sadness, unknown emotion, praise and support,  shade,  pettiness and the whole nine.  Needless to say, this election has brought out the best and maybe the worst in some.

Personally, as I stated before, I am just truly shocked.  It’s something I never thought would happen and even after some of the things Mr. Trump has said, some of the recordings that have come out about his questionable decisions, statements, opinions, etc.  I thought surely people would not come out in masses  wanting to vote for him.  I’ve  seen several of my friends state that we truly have underestimated the power of White Supremacy, and I  believe we have; however, I believe that a lot of other factors played a role in this.  There were several  different demographics of people involved in this election race:

  •  People who vote Republican regardless of the person who is running for that party.
  • People who hate Hilary so much that they voted for Donald even though they may not align with that party.
  • People who truly support Trump and his belief system.
  • People who vote for who is the Vice President, because they believe in them, and are aiming at the notion that if the President is impeached, they will be their successor.
  • People who’s views don’t align with either candidate, so as a result, they don’t vote at all.

I am not going to sit here and state that any of these things are wrong or right, because one may feel my views are wrong, and we as a people are entitled to a healthy difference in opinion; however, I feel that the majority of this nation truly believe in Trump and support him, and as a result, they came out in waves and voted for the person they felt could lead the United States.  Do I agree with their view?  No,  but our reality shows in the votes.  I watched last night as they would make  comparisons of counties and states that President Obama won in his election, that Trump has now won in this election.  It was truly shocking and I am not sure what it was; maybe a decrease in voters, changing political  views, or maybe  there were people who were not ready to see  a  woman lead and adapted this “not on my watch” attitude.  I’ll never know what’s inside the mind of others, but I’m sure it’ll be something on the minds of millions.

After all is said and done, here we are and here we stand.  I personally am concerned for people of all races.  Some of the things that I have seen become  exposed about Trump effect people across many races.  As a woman, the things I have seen him on record saying about women doesn’t pinpoint  race, it effects all women.  I’m concerned that people will now justify their actions based on the actions of the person picked to lead.  They will adapt the mentality of “well our President has done it before, so that makes it ok.”  And don’t say  it won’t happen, because i’d bet money it will.  It might not make national news, but someone feels that way and someone plans to act that way towards others, because their Commander-in-Chief feels that way.

Parents have to explain to their children why a man like that has won the race to become President, and no one really knows why.

I  watched the clip of Van Jones’ powerful statement last night, and one part in particular resonated with me:

And Donald Trump has a responsibility tonight to come out and reassure people that he is going to be the president of all the people who he insulted, and offended, and brushed aside. Yeah, when you say you want to take your country back, you’ve got a lot of people who feel we’re not represented well either. But we don’t want to feel that someone’s been elected by throwing away some of us to appeal more deeply to others. So this is a deeply painful moment tonight; I know it’s not just about race. There’s more going on than that, but race is here too, we got to talk about this.

-Van Jones

At this point, the  storm has  passed, and the results are in.  We have to live with Donald Trump being President  of  the  United States (again, NEVER thought those words would ever come together).

Y’all,  be safe.  Try not to hang your heads down.  Pray that the good  Lord  keep you safe and your family and loved ones safe.  Continue to fight the good fights.  Continue to strive for your dreams and crush your goals.  Make a positive impact in whatever  way you can.  We will get through this, we must persevere.

Stay strong peeps.