A Social Media Pause for the Cause

I believe it is time for a pause on social media; and by pause, I mean particularly posting on my social media.

I feel at this time, the only things that I can really express is negative energy. I have a lot of personal things going on at the moment, with really no outlet in sight on how to express them properly; so I have been making the not-so-right choice in expressing myself via social media. This is typically something I do not like to do, as I do not like to have that slight mirror into my personal dealings. In light of this discovery, I feel like it is best to keep myself a little more private than I typically would.

You may see me lurking around, looking at things, but not saying much. I will still have my blog and comment and post things, I also will continue to use my Twitter and Author page on FB for content and ways to promote my book; however, anything of a social and recreational nature will get a little pause from me until I can find ways to appropriately separate my personal feelings from my online social environment.

Until next time friends….


Things I Now Have Come to Learn about Life

  • There’s no age requirement on having purpose in life. Some people go their whole lives and not know their purpose. But find one, and hold on to it, no matter when you do.
  • You’re not always going to like the hand your dealt, the goal is to play that hand to the best of your ability.
  • Put more energy into your happiness instead of dwelling on the bad stuff.
  • Sometimes, you’ll be really low; lower than you’d ever imagined. But remember, you can only go up from your lowest point.
  • Smile more, frown less.
  • Do not put energy into things that won’t mean you any good. Your energy is too valuable to waste.
  • Tell people you love and appreciate them, even if it’s for the smallest things.
  • Don’t be afraid to be wrong. Being wrong is how you learn.
  • The strongest person in the room, most times is the person holding on with everything they have.
  • Take time to be still. Enjoy the present. Because this moment is only as good as you make it the first time.

Project Good Vibes

This week, project that all things you imagine will come together in some way.

The path you seek to follow will open up for you.

Something this week, will set the precedent for your overall goals.

Do not focus on the things that do not work out; but focus on how those things will make you rearrange life for the positive.

Remember all things happen for a reason and what you put in the atmosphere has a way of manifesting in your life.

Be great this week! 🖤

4 Ways to Protect your Positive Energy

We are living in hectic times in 2018. There has been so many problems and controversies brought up recently that it’s easy to find yourself in a very low and negative space. Even in your personal life, all of our experiences create an emotional reaction in our bodies. We’re either on the positive end of it, or the negative.

These days, we have to find ways to protect what positivity we do have, and find ways to show it in our everyday lives. Between social media, politics, work, school, parenting, marriage and any other responsibility in this world, negativity can somehow creep it’s way into any of these aspects of your life.

Allowing negative energy into your life can cause a lot of emotional draining, negative self-talk, and an overall decline in mood. The key to protecting your positive energy is combatting those negative responses to the negativity, and putting that much more focus on emitting those positive responses and spreading more positive energy (if your positive is greater than your negative, the positive wins, right? 😉).

Now more than ever, we have to learn how to make our positive energy more abundantly present in our lives, because negativity comes in all forms. Here are four ways to protect your positive energy when negative tries to enter your space:

* Saying no to negative people- sometimes the best remedy to negativity is simply telling yourself “no” to keeping those negative people around you. If they do not mean well, then they need to be removed from your atmosphere.

* Giving yourself room for error- Nobody in life is perfect, and sometimes negative energy can be self-inflicted. Do not put yourself on an unattainable pedastal. We all have flaws and we all mess up in life. Give yourself a little room for error and room for positive correction.

* Laugh or cry sometimes- sometimes, you need a moment to let out a healthy, hearty laugh; or have a good cry over things. That’s ok. Never let negative energy build up. If you need to, find healthy ways to deal with that type of energy; laughing, crying or even talking to someone can help eliminate those types of emotions lying dormant in your mind.

* Self-awareness- Being aware of the things you like and don’t like, or having an idea about the energy you’re projecting will allow you to understand how to release negative energy and protect your positive energy.

Adopting these four ways to protect your energy will be key to giving yourself the much needed tools to deal with the negativity, and bring forth more of your “feel-good” emotions. The overall goal is to not allow negativity to live within you; always let your positive attitude prevail!

Back Burner Blues

Have you ever noticed how hard you work for the ones you love; so hard that sometimes you don’t put that same energy into yourself? 

This is a disease I like to call “putting yourself on the back burner.”  I remember seeing my mom do it several times with my sister and I growing up; and I can now see myself doing it with my family.  I believe the disease is genetic, lol. 

Far too often, most of us are the most selfless humans in the world and we don’t even know it.  We go through life pleasing and meeting everyone’s needs but our own. Why is that?  Why is it that people strive so hard to do good things for others, but never take the time to do good things for ourselves? 

I can admit that I am horribly guilty of this.  I will move mountains for other people, get them whatever their hearts desires; but when it comes to me? Nothing.  I noticed this when I was shopping one weekend.  Something so simple as buying something for myself, I find every excuse not to.  Now, if my husband sees something in the store that he wants, I will make note of it and do what I can to get it for him to make him happy.  If we are in the children’s section, I’m dropping coins on the kid with no problem. See how weird that is? EXACTLY! Lol.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that there is nothing wrong with treating myself to things just as often (if not more) as everyone else I love.  I think this comes with adulting; once you realize there are others who need you, you know that leaves less and less time to treat yourself to the things that give you all the feels. I have to work on this; I assume that the older I get, the better I’ll do with it. 

We shall see. 

5 Energy Shifting Techniques

If you have followed me, then you know that I have been making concerted efforts to balance my self-care and making it the top priority.  I was listening to a podcasts, and the topic of energy shifting was discussed.  I gave myself a little homework/reflective thinking assignment to think of 5 things that I use to help me shift my energy from negative to positive.  After a few minutes of really narrowing it down, I came up with the following techniques:

  1. Speak to yourself positively:  My day is not worth anything if I don’t try to say at least 1 positive thing about  life or myself  in the morning.  Sometimes, I cannot get out of bed until I tell myself that “things will not be bad” that day.
  2. Music: I could be having the absolute WORST day ever, and I could run to my TIDAL app, put on some music, and it LITERALLY changes my entire mood.  If I ever had to live my life without this specific outlet, I would probably in a horrible place.
  3. Movement: Exercise is crucial.  Movement is key.  Being in a job where I sit at a desk all day, it becomes very easy to forget to stand up at minimum.
  4. Shower: Who doesn’t  love a good shower?  I have taken showers to a whole different level these days; all with a little thing called exfoliation as well.  Nothing better than washing a bad day and negativity away with a steaming hot shower!!
  5. Kynnedy: This person is last; however, certainly not least.  My daughter is one of my favorite energy shifters,  because watching her grow and evolve is truly  breathtaking.  She is mature way beyond her 2 years, and she is very independent.  As much as her actions sometimes frustrate me a little, I can’t help but be in awe at how much she is growing into her own.  Seeing her face and hearing her yell “IT’S MY MOMMY!” and runs up to me and hugs me after her day at daycare, will wipe away any negativity that happened in that day.  She is my best gem.


I would love to hear from you guys! I shared my 5 favorite energy shifting techniques, what are yours?  Comment below!

Sometimes You Can’t Please Everyone

I saw this today and felt the need to share.  There are too many times in life that I feel this way, but sometimes I have to remind myself that I am not always going to be someone’s cup of tea; and sometimes, that’s ok.  I enjoy being a unique individual, I think that’s what makes me special. 🙂  Hopefully this touches someone today!