Nighttime Conversations…

Bright stars dancing in the darkness of the morning.
Before the kiss of dawn radiates our corner of the world,
I watched you.
As your chest rose and fell in the rhythm of my heartbeats I knew,
That to lose you, would be the most slow and agonizing pain I’ve ever experienced.
I wanted our rhythm to set the tone for a lifetime of slow dancing under midnight’s stars,
Without any naysayers to tell us we were fools to believe in such fantasy.
While you sleep, I think of how God’s work is amazing, and how I wouldn’t believe how He made things possible if they weren’t happening before my very eyes,
I …..watched you.  And while you slept, I said a silent prayer to myself that God wouldn’t take you away from me;
Wouldn’t allow you to fade away like a distant memory of that one moment in time, where I felt love so raw that it didn’t feel real, and so painful that it would feel like a bullet slicing through my chest if you ever left.
You would be amazed at how my mind wanders while you sleep…
The dreams I dream, the nightmares I tried to hold at bay, the amount of times I say “Thank God we found each other.”
I will continue to fall for you, like a 10 year old lusting after her TV celebrity crush…
Oh, what an honor to be beside you as we sleep, and wake up to your eyes every morning.