Nighttime Conversations…

Advertisements Bright stars dancing in the darkness of the morning. Before the kiss of dawn radiates our corner of the world, I watched you. As your chest rose and fell in the rhythm of my heartbeats I knew, That to lose you, would be the most slow and agonizing pain I’ve ever experienced. I wanted ourContinue reading “Nighttime Conversations…”

Blogging 201: Day 1: What Lies between us

Advertisements So, I started the Blogging 201 Poetry challenge, and my first task was to write a poem about a screen.  This was sort of difficult, but I did my best…lol. Enjoy You hinder our touch; Obstacle confines us; yet, Our love wavers, not.

The Other Woman’s Story

Advertisements I lay next to you in bed and I realize that our relationship is the rawest love story never told.