A Bad Day at Work…

I usually gripe about bad days at work, but truthfully, they are nothing more than days where I actually WORK all day long, and don’t really have a moment to breathe.  Those days truly aren’t that bad, because I’m usually creating solutions to problems that arise, and in the end, although it takes a lot out of me I get the job done.

Today was a little different.  I have never had this type of day on the job.  I feel like I lost a battle (well actually, that is exactly what happened; I lost a battle) with another agency and it was one that I wasn’t trying to fight and it got me VERY upset.  I wish it was a situation where things should have been done better (on the other end, not mine), but it was just a big mess.  I don’t want to reveal too much or anything because of the nature of my job, but I just wanted to vent that I had a very rough day at work.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a little better than today; right now, I just have to play the hand I’ve been dealt now.

Ehhh, time for a hot shower and some rest.  Tomorrow is another day.


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