#ConfessionsofaLocdGoddess: You Can’t Wear Locs if You’re Not Black…Huh?

I wrote a post a while back entitled Hair Envy and IG Pages to Follow . In that post, I mentioned 3 Instagram pages I follow for loc inspiration. One page in particular, locology (@locology on Instagram) is possibly the most diverse. On this particular page, you can find locs from different stages, but also different ethnicities. I’ve noticed that seeing other races with locs causes a bit of an uproar with some people.

I feel like men and women with locs are somewhat of an individual culture. Everyday I notice more and more people joining the movement and it makes me happy to see that for whatever reason, someone has decided to make this choice. In recent years, I have also seen men and women who are not African American, decide to loc their hair.

Now in the past, I was skeptical of the idea; being that the most common discussion was that only certain hair textures will loc, and straight or curly hair doesn’t loc as well. I have clearly seen that not to be true, from the pictures I have seen of the predominantly white community having locs. They use a different method, but they have locs. What I find to be disappointing, is how mean and disrespectful people can be towards other races that want to loc their hair. I understand that everyone has a different reason for growing locs; whether it be a personal choice, religious choice or any other. What we should do as a community is embrace one another who has decided to take this journey, because there are others who demean us as a unit (no matter the skin color) and continue to discriminate against us. It doesn’t make things any better when we berate our own just because of skin color.

I’m not the kind of person who is blind to the hidden agendas, or the underlying factors of why people do what they do, or how non African Americans are embracing aspects of African American cultures. But I also realize that disrespecting every White, Asian, Puerto Rican, etc person who wants to loc the hair God gave them won’t make me look any better.

So, I choose to applaud anyone of any race, color or culture who decides to go on a loc journey. It takes a level of inner strength and confidence, and if you have locs, that is one thing we all have in common.


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