An unarmed Black man gets gunned down by police, because they posed “some type of threat.”  Man or woman ends up dead in police custody in a jail cell.  Everyday I look at social media or the news and another person has been shot and killed.  Everyday, I see a new #JusticeFor… hashtag.  Everyday, a new cause and a new case to fight for equality on.  I will never stop praying for those who have lost their lives in the past couple years, but I feel like there is no end to this insanity.

I wrote a post a while back entitled Hair Envy and IG Pages to Follow . In that post, I mentioned 3 Instagram pages I follow for loc inspiration. One page in particular, locology (@locology on Instagram) is possibly the most diverse. On this particular page, you can find locs from different stages, but also different ethnicities. I’ve noticed that seeing other races with locs causes a bit of an uproar with some people.

I feel like men and women with locs are somewhat of an individual culture. Everyday I notice more and more people joining the movement and it makes me happy to see that for whatever reason, someone has decided to make this choice. In recent years, I have also seen men and women who are not African American, decide to loc their hair.