When is Enough, Enough?

*This was written on 6/5/20, shortly after hearing about the death of George Floyd. I found this in my Notes app in my phone and I felt like it shouldn’t live there. These words were written at a time when emotions were high and all over the place. And in some respects, these feelings stillContinue reading “When is Enough, Enough?”

Sulwe : A Book with a Message for All Ages

I had long anticipated buying this book for my daughter, but I had no idea that the message would resonate with me as an adult as well. Lupita Nyongo’s book, Sulwe is a heartwarming tale that teaches a powerful lesson about loving yourself and allowing the beauty within you to shine through. The story, whichContinue reading “Sulwe : A Book with a Message for All Ages”

Toxicity vs. Vulnerability: Which One Was It?

Well, Twitter was an interesting place to be the other day….lol. Social media as a whole has been….difficult to say the least lately. These days, I am more or less trying to stay current, even though most of the news I’m seeing is either numbing, disappointing or basically bringing me to tears. Just the otherContinue reading “Toxicity vs. Vulnerability: Which One Was It?”

The Sun Does Shine

I’ve never shed a tear reading a book. I’ve laughed, ive smirked, I’ve cussed; never teared up or cried. This book made me tear up. Right at the part where he started to want to give up (when his mother passed), when his constant please went unanswered for years, and later denied without sometimes evenContinue reading “The Sun Does Shine”

Be Kind. Don’t Share that Post.

Please. For the sake of those you love and care about who get triggered by violence, do not share videos of brutal violence and death. I understand awareness is everything, but there are enough articles and information that gets disseminated that will paint the picture. And if you’re thinking “what if they’re lying?” Well, darknessContinue reading “Be Kind. Don’t Share that Post.”

My Daughter Wanted a Doll that Didn’t Look Like Her; Here’s How I Responded.

My daughter and I made a promise. Two weeks ago, she saw a doll in Walmart that she wanted, but didn’t get at the time. Now, of course, she thought that she could ask for it the next day and receive. I told her no and made a deal that if she had a goodContinue reading “My Daughter Wanted a Doll that Didn’t Look Like Her; Here’s How I Responded.”

Quick Public Service Announcement: Y’all Gotta do Better.

I’m truly tired of high-end name brands debuting clothes that I am confident they know are problematic, and continue to throw the rock, hide their hand, and then come back to apologize. Burberry is yet the next brand to receive public scrutiny and rage as they debuted a hoodie with a noose hanging from it.Continue reading “Quick Public Service Announcement: Y’all Gotta do Better.”

We’re Tired of Companies That Always “Get it Wrong”

There are really no words to describe the outrage that appeared in social media when this picture showed up “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” is what the hoodie says. Well alright. 😐 My first reaction to the hoodie was, “well, that was HORRIBLY executed and offensive as hell.” I also knew that there was goingContinue reading “We’re Tired of Companies That Always “Get it Wrong””

My Review of OITNB Season 4

**Spoiler Alert: Do Not Read if you have not watched Season 4** I finished watching season 4 of Orange is the New Black about a couple weeks ago…and I’ve finally gotten around to rendering my opinion on the season…I have one word: Whoa.

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