Cancel Culture Is NOT for Me

Advertisements The wave of “cancel culture” seems to be the bandwagon of sorts that has created an ultimatum-type response; you’re either doing it or your not. And depending on what side of the fence you’re on, you will either be supported or criticized. It seems as if it doesn’t take much these days before theContinue reading “Cancel Culture Is NOT for Me”

Jessica, No One is Giving you Sympathy!!

Advertisements Just when you thought the world couldn’t get any crazier, September started off with a bang. Jessica Krug pulled a Racheal Dolezal, y’all. And of course, no one is laughing. So, yesterday (9/3), Jessica Krug was trending all over my Twitter feed. I had no idea who this woman was; so I poked aroundContinue reading “Jessica, No One is Giving you Sympathy!!”

Toxicity vs. Vulnerability: Which One Was It?

Advertisements Well, Twitter was an interesting place to be the other day….lol. Social media as a whole has been….difficult to say the least lately. These days, I am more or less trying to stay current, even though most of the news I’m seeing is either numbing, disappointing or basically bringing me to tears. Just theContinue reading “Toxicity vs. Vulnerability: Which One Was It?”

I’m Rooting for Everybody Black, Too.

Advertisements Issa Rae inadvertently made her own catch phrase at the 2017 Emmy’s when she let the world know she was “rooting for everybody Black.”  Her confidence and seriousness in her answer was nothing more than amazing, and made me love her that much more.  The first time I heard it, I stood up and saidContinue reading “I’m Rooting for Everybody Black, Too.”

I’m Black, But I’m Not….

Advertisements Saw this video done by BuzzFeed that we shared on my Facebook and I wanted to make my own “I’m Black, but I’m not…” statement: I’m Black, but I’m not….. Ashamed of my skin. Or From the projects. In poverty. On food stamps. A weed smoker because I have dreads. Afraid of my “pro-blackness”. AContinue reading “I’m Black, But I’m Not….”

#ConfessionsofaLocdGoddess: You Can’t Wear Locs if You’re Not Black…Huh?

Advertisements I wrote a post a while back entitled Hair Envy and IG Pages to Follow . In that post, I mentioned 3 Instagram pages I follow for loc inspiration. One page in particular, locology (@locology on Instagram) is possibly the most diverse. On this particular page, you can find locs from different stages, butContinue reading “#ConfessionsofaLocdGoddess: You Can’t Wear Locs if You’re Not Black…Huh?”