PSA: Body-Shaming is Played Out: Stop it.

I was watching a video on Twitter today and it made me think of this little public service announcement about our bodies and our health. I say this specifically for women, because women’s bodies endure a lot (childbirth being a main example).


And let me be even more specific:


It always sucks when I see women get shamed for how they look and feel; however, they find the courage to be their best selves on the internet. Confidence is a tough thing to have, and once it’s lost, it’s really hard to get it back. For a lot of women, our hormones, childbirth, mental and emotional health play a big part in how our bodies transform and even how we feel in the body we’re in.

Being confident for the world to see is one thing; but looking at yourself in the mirror and being confident with yourself is even harder. I can say with assurance that it’s a daily struggle, and even I have to keep myself in line to not shame myself.

There are days when I look in the mirror and I’m not proud of what I see. I know my hips are thick, my legs are big, I’ve got a stomach, I’ve got more love handles than I’d like to be proud of. I work out, but I don’t eat perfectly everyday. I “cheat” on my nutrition more than I should. And it’s mainly accountability. I’m not perfect and sometimes it eats at me.

But then, there are other days when I wake up, look in the mirror and say, “girl, you are beautiful. Your curves are amazing. Someone is going to love that stomach you got. If you want a brownie today, eat it and go to the gym later.” I find that I need to boost myself up more than I shame myself. Why? Because no matter if I love or hate my body that day, it’s the body I’ve got. It’s my temple, my sanctuary; my living and breathing safe space. If I don’t love it, how the hell will anyone else?

If this past year hasn’t taught me anything else, it’s taught me that NO ONE is going to love me better than I love myself. And when people can see how much I love me, then I will attract the love I bring into my space. There is no reason to shame or belittle myself and diminish my confidence because where I am right now will not be where I end.

I love working out and I’ll always work out. I know how to be accountable, I just need to do it. But part of that starts with beginning each day with positivity and not this negative BS that is fed into us by society.

Love what you have the moment in which you have it. Strive to have more for yourself. If you want a better body, do the work. If you love your body the way it is, then step out into this world with your confidence on 1,000!!! Don’t let anyone (including yourself) take away your glow.

The world is cruel enough, you don’t need to add to it by hating yourself. Self-love has the word “self” in it for a reason.

It all starts with you, so leave that body shaming nonsense at the door, and live your absolute best life! 🖤🖤🖤