Finding my Confidence

Advertisements Fun fact: Despite my consistency in the gym, I still sometimes battle with the level of confidence I have with myself. It’s crazy, I know; but it is possible to work very hard at something and still not always feel like you look as good as others may see you. I’ve received many complimentsContinue reading “Finding my Confidence”

My 2020 Word

Advertisements I’ve seen several posts on Instagram or Twitter asking, “what is your one word for 2020?” I believe this has now taken place of your once dedicated resolutions. People aren’t setting resolutions, they are putting one word into the universe and moving towards living by that word. I decided to try that this year;Continue reading “My 2020 Word”

Loving Yourself

Advertisements Q: Do I like what I look like? Why? Why not? It took a long time for me to finally be able to answer this question with a “yes.” For the longest time, I would say yes, but be lying to myself. I was always the “awkward” girl. I never saw myself as someoneContinue reading “Loving Yourself”

How to Push Past Your Comfort Zone

Advertisements So far this year, there has been a lot of discomfort in my transition into 30.  There was going to be a lot of things I told myself I would do that I normally wouldn’t have ever done.   One of the main reasons I chose to do this cruel thing to myself was because as one getsContinue reading “How to Push Past Your Comfort Zone”

#50Days50Questions: Use What Ya Got! 

Advertisements What are my talents? Am I utilizing them? How can I use them more? Hmmm… talents.  I guess if we’re counting; I have two.  Obviously, I’d like to think one of my talents is writing (lol).  I also enjoy singing, but it’s definitely something I keep under wraps.  I’m one of those people youContinue reading “#50Days50Questions: Use What Ya Got! “

The Awkward Bird

Advertisements Contrary to popular belief, I am an awkward bird.   I’m ashamed to admit that as I approach 30, I feel more and more insecure about myself. I have yet to find a level of feminine comfort and security, and there are days in my life where  I feel completely awkward and misplaced.  IContinue reading “The Awkward Bird”

Hello, 2017

Advertisements 2017 began with me being very #CarefreeBlackGirl and confident in myself.   I pray that 2017 continues to allow me to do more of this; be happy, have fun, be confident and wear more cute shoes…lol.  Happy New Year! 


Advertisements Sometimes,  Even the strongest exteriors, Are fragile inside. Sometimes, Even the sturdiest levels of confidence, Can crumble with the burdens of negativity.

How Did I Become the Third Wheel?!?!?

Advertisements Photo Cred: I was listening to the radio one morning and an awesome topic was being discussed. I couldnt wait to get to my computer to post my two cents about it lol! So, picture it. You’re calling up your closest girlfriend or guy friend to hang out one night; nothing too fancy,Continue reading “How Did I Become the Third Wheel?!?!?”