There is More than One Stopping Point in Life

When I wrote this post 2 years ago, I talked about how life will not lead you down a linear path to where you want to go. You will encounter twists and turns along the way; which are all apart of your life’s journey. They’re meant to be explored and experienced. Life, relationships nor your work should never be linear, or else you’re never truly living.

But what I have also realized in the 2 years that I’ve written this is along with you life not being linear, your “Point B” may not be as close by as you think, and even that is not always a stopping point. There is more than one stopping point in life.

Patience is a Virtue

Life lessons truly come at you from all angles, don’t they?

Life and God have shown me that what is for you, will be for you. Despite what choices you make, your life is set to go down a path; despite what you see for yourself. And whatever that may be, you have to follow that journey, because attempting to deviate really only prolongs the inevitable. Why make the journey much more difficult? 😉

Patience is a tailored characteristic that must be practiced in all areas of life; including simply living. And just because you’re on a path to what you feel is your destination, doesn’t mean you will reach your destination when you want to, nor does it mean it will be the destination you chose.

It’s Not Always what it’s Cracked up to be

What I thought was going to be my happy ending has proven to not be the truth. The things I have realized I would have and people I realized I would have are no longer a reality for me. Why? Because Life. Isn’t. Linear.

If I drew a map of the path my life has taken even in the past year, it would look like a jumbled mess of major highways on a roadmap. Nothing would make sense. And that is how it feels right in this current moment. As I’m sitting knee-deep in my mess of life, pushing through the days; life is a mess. But eventually, there will be an end goal. There will be something to look forward to at the end of all this.

That is what I hold on to. I hold on to the fact and idea that although my life isn’t what I chose, it is what going to work out for me. And if nothing more, I’m determined to make the best out of it.