Blogmas 2020: Why I Love Christmas

Hello Blogmas fans!

Today’s post will talk about the obvious; why Christmas is my favorite holiday!

Out of all the holidays (with the exception of my birthday because I do consider that a holiday), I’ve always loved the spirit of Christmas. After Thanksgiving comes and goes, I go into full Christmas spirit and holiday mode. Christmas has always lifted my spirits no matter what mood I am in and what place I’m in in my life. It’s something about the spirit of giving, happiness and joy that has always managed to bring a little happiness and smiles out of me this time of year.

Christmas also has a spiritual context that I enjoy. Growing up, I learned about the birth of Jesus, and how important that was to the world. I learned the lesson of perseverance, sacrifice, being humble and gracious meant and how all of those things brought forth the birth of Jesus and because of that, each year families come together and celebrate that.

This year has been trying for many reasons. It seems that the more that happens, the harder and harder it is to find the joy of Christmas; no matter how hard you try. This has been a year that most people will never forget, including me, but I’ve been determined in these last few days to try and make this holiday as great as possible.

It has truly not been an easy task, but it is not totally impossible. I’ve been watching my favorite movies, reading my favorite Christmas stories, listening to my favorite songs and continuing to remind myself that my joy for the holiday is bigger than any trials and tests that life has brought me this year.

If Christmas is your favorite holiday as well, try hard to allow that to fuel you through this time. 2020 has been a whirlwind of emotional roller coasters and people have lost so much this year physically, mentally and emotionally. The joys and spirit of the holiday season may be all that some of us have left in order to get through.

And it will all be alright. ❤️

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!