Dear Radiant,

You seemed to have quite a glow about you this month! Was there something different about you?  New hair?  New clothes?  Nah, just an overall new me!

First off, you’ve been a lot more centered than usual; attribute that to your new meditation schedule that you’ve started (going on 60 days consecutively twice a day now; so pat yourself on the back for that lol).  You’re slowly getting back into your fitness routine, which may not be a daily thing, but it is slowly coming back around.  Practice always makes perfect, and one day you will get there.  There have just been some great things going on in your life, and it’s just made things become so much better for your; overall, you should be very proud of yourself 🙂 .

For the first time in a long time, there was actually nothing to complain about this month, which is very rare.  Looking back on these 28 days, there is nothing more that you could ask for.  You had your usual life and adulating stressors, and some not so good moments (but it wouldn’t be life if there weren’t any good moments, right?); but there have been so many good moment than there have been bad.  There have also been so many more moments where you have laughed more than you cried.  All in all, you couldn’t have asked for a better month to celebrate a great life.  Cheers to February 2018!

Live, Laugh, Love; Repeat

Oftentimes, adults get so caught up with our responsibilities, that we forget one of the simplest things to do; laugh.  If you ask me, laughter is one of the simplest and rarest forms of enjoying life.

I’ve been known to bring laughter into any situation.  It’s just in my nautre.  I am someone who is known to be serious, but also knows that laughter is good for the soul.   Sometimes, in tense moments i like to make the situation better by allowing laughter to come in to the atmosphere.

I try to live life looking for the silver lining. I know sometimes that can be very difficult, but I feel like positivity and smiles can go a long way for some people. Even on my worst days, a good laugh can bring me out of the darkest times in my life. I thank God for the people he placed in my life, because that is one of the qualities I love about them; they make me laugh and thoroughly enjoy my life.

Live Every Moment as if it Were Your Last

If I only had 6 months to live, how would I spend my time?

I'm not going to lie, I actually skipped this question because it was not really something I wanted to write about; but I told myself that I wouldn't skip any questions no matter how difficult they may be or may make me feel.

This is definitely something I don't think about often, and with me being so young it is not a question I would particularly like to dwell on at all; however, it does make you wonder about the concept of life in general.

Although I cannot sit here and pinpoint exactly how much time God will grant me to be on this Earth, I know that I, just like everyone else, only have a specific amount of time.  In that time, we are given the opportunity to make the most of our lives.  We are awarded the chance to live out our absolute best life possible.  With that I will say I would spend my time laughing with family.  I wouldn't spend my time filled with worry, or self-doubt, or angst about trivial things.  I would want to travel, see the world, laugh endlessly with my loved ones and make every moment be better than the last.

Truth be told, that's how we all should live life anyway, right?

#50Days50Questions: Dreams and Goals 

What are my goals and dreams?

  • Run my own publishing company
  • Become a full time writer
  • Be featured in a magazine or on another blog
  • Continue to publish

I don’t share my dreams often, because sometimes they feel too outlandish to be accomplished.  Also, right now, I’m in a position where a young thug has bills to pay and a small mouth to feed, so throwing caution to the wind and just going out on a limb and following my creative passion is not the most logical plan.  I wonder sometimes the main issue will always be “how will I ever get the money to ever fund any of these dreams and have them come true?”

Anyway, I’m rambling and need to get back on subject.  Let’s talk about the concept of dreams and goals.  The reality of it is, we all have them.  I don’t think anyone goes through life without having goals for their life.  I also believe no one goes through life without having a dream that they want to see come to fruition either for themselves or for someone they love.  In my opinion, it is a common way of life.  The idea is having the drive and determination to make these dreams a reality, and put a plan in place to complete the goals you set out for yourself.

I’ll always have big dreams and goals in my life, I don’t think that’s something that will ever waver about me.  Dreams and goals are things that build a person and make them unique; Andretti both something I’ll always hold close to my heart.

Self-Care Sunday Highlight: People

Aligning yourself with the right people can be some of the best therapy you can attain.

Some may look at people and think “nah. When I’m about self-care it’s just about me”. I feel you, and I agree; most of my self-care is selfish me time and I don’t want to be bothered with the foolishness.

But sometimes, I need my best friend to make me laugh and keep me sane; or I need my mom to give me some encouragement, I need my sister for support, I need my husband for affection, or even my daughter for her innocent joy.  Each person I hold close to my life, gives me something that can bring me out of my darkest moments. This is why I say having people is important; because sometimes, you don’t want to be alone. Sometimes self-care means leaning on someone you love and letting them pour some love and care into you.

Sometimes, we go through things in solitude and don’t look for those special people in our lives to complete us.  I believe that everyone in my life is a piece of my puzzle.  Everyone takes a specific shape and size; and in some unique way, they fit.  Self-care is looked at as a one-person ideal; however, sometimes part of caring for yourself is remembering you have a supporting cast behind you to always keep you whole.

This week, be sure to identify those special puzzle pieces in your life, and let them love, care and support you while you do so for yourself.

Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Laughter 

The age-old quote says “laughter is good for the soul”, and I couldn’t agree more. 

Ask yourself, when is the last time you laughed?  When is the last time something made you giggle uncontrollably.  Also, ask yourself how you felt after you had a good, hearty laugh. 

Whenever I laugh, it’s like medicine to numb the pain.  I’m a person who is always looking for a silver lining with my friends and family.  I strive to be optimistic all the time, and I try to find the humor in things.  Sometimes, a silly situation is all it takes to turn a mood around.  It reminds you that life isn’t too bad that you can’t smile.  It also helps to have friends in your life who know how to make you smile, even when they don’t realize it.   

This week, laugh. Laugh uncontrollably.  Laugh until it makes you cry.  Find a funny picture, reminisce on a memory, do a funky dance or sing a weird song.  Talk to someone who you know will bring you some positive energy and endless moments to smile about.  Do something that you know will make you laugh enough to remind you that life isn’t as bad as we make it seem sometimes.