Sulwe : A Book with a Message for All Ages

I had long anticipated buying this book for my daughter, but I had no idea that the message would resonate with me as an adult as well.

Lupita Nyongo’s book, Sulwe is a heartwarming tale that teaches a powerful lesson about loving yourself and allowing the beauty within you to shine through.

The story, which follows Sulwe and her journey through loving herself, no matter the color of her skin, sheds light on a common issue that plagued many dark skin girls at an early age and carries far into adulthood at times. Colorism is discrimination based on color, and that is displayed in Sulwe’s story, as she describes how her sister is lighter than her, and how her experiences with peers is far different than Sulwe’s. Sulwe goes on a journey that shows her that no matter how dark or light the tone of her skin, her inner beauty is what shines through no matter what.

This book is beautifully written and has a powerful message for anyone who is interested in reading; whether they be young or old. No matter your age, the message is simple, yet inspiring. ❤️