New Release Alert: How it Really Went Down

This week there is a double feature special release!!!

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Proud Accomplishments!

On 10/14, I announced that I finally am starting up my own publishing company, Writing in Color Publishing, LLC.  After careful consideration and back and forth about taking the leap of faith into the unknown, I finally did it and I was extremely happy about it.

I just wanted to take the moment to relish in this accomplishment, because this has been something that I have been considering since I published my first novel in 2016.  I had done reading about publishing under a specific name for a while, and thinking to myself, “what if I did start off a indie publisher, and one day expanded as a publishing company?”, so that is what I plan on doing.  I am definitely stil in some of my beginning stages and still developing and learning new and innovative ways to help myself and others become the best and brightest published writers of colors on the market, but I am proud to say that I have something to call my own and  cultivate into something that I can hope to see become something very impactful for the African American community one day.

If nothing else happens for me in 2017, I can say that this was one of the greatest things to happen to me this  year; and it is something that I am very proud to call my own :).

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NEW RELEASE- From A Lover’s Mouth

I’m pleased to announce my second published book, a collection of poetry titled, From a Lover’s Mouth!! 

 Take a trip down lover’s lane, with a collection of poetry that highlights some of the highs and lows of one of life’s most complex avenues; love.

In this short compilation, Whitney explores some of the experiences anyone can encounter when dealing with love; love that feels good, bad and even indifferent.

This is poetry from a lover’s mouth.


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#50Days50Questions: It’s Time I Stopped Running

I recently reblogged a post I found on a fellow blogger, As Told by Sid‘s website that highlights 50 questions to ask yourself towards self-discovery.  I kind of adapted the same mindset as she did; challenge accepted! Lol.

I figured this may be an interesting quest, and since I told myself that the summer was going to be an opportunity for me to find more ways to improve my writing and find different things to blog about, what better opportunity than to have 50 days worth of questions to answer?  And who knows, I may even find out a thing or two about myself that I didn’t even know about myself, lol.

So, here goes.  To make it a little interesting, I am going to start at #50, and go up from there.  Here we go!

Q: “Is there something I am running from?  Is it time to face it?”

A: Not anymore.

I will admit that if I would have asked myself this question about a year or two ago, I would have lied and told myself no, but truthfully, the answer would be yes.  I have always considered myself to be very modest and humble; I don’t brag, boast or make myself known to many people.  Oftentimes, I am someone who likes to be behind the scenes, rather than be front and center.  So if you asked me a year or two ago if I was running from anything in particular, I would say I was running from the ability to go out and expand my creativity the way I truly wanted to.

2016-2017 has been a time period where I just began to truly expand myself as a writer and blogger.  These are the two avenues in which I have been able to truly put myself out there with the one thing in this world that I am passionate about, which is writing.  My one goal in life was to publish a book, and I finally did that in 2016.  The problem with the Whitney of 2016 and the Whitney of 2015, was 2015 Whitney would have never dreamed of letting anyone read that published book.  She would have ran away from the idea of allowing the public know that she had a talent that deserved to be shared with the world.

So I ran from the opportunity to showcase my talent and continued to hide behind my notebooks, pens and pencils until I finally told myself that in order to truly become who I wanted to become in life, I could no longer hide.  Granted, I may not be a famous writer one day or I may not be a well-known blogger, but being a writer doesn’t mean you hide in the shadows and no one knows your name.

2017 Whitney is a published author, with three more published works upcoming this year.  2017 Whitney has two established blog sites with regular traffic and a pretty decent following.  2017 Whitney stopped running and stopped letting her insecurity dictate her success and defer her dreams.


Here is the link to the original article, and I have to shoutout As Told by Sid one more time for the blog post that I read that brought my attention to this.  I am excited to see where this journey takes me, and I wonder what I will discover about myself through answering these questions! 🙂

Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Reading 

This weeks highlight is one of my favorite hobbies in the entire world: reading!

Nothing helps calm my nerves more than retreating into the world of someone else for hours and hours on end; which is why I love reading so much!  I’ve been reading for as long as I can remember, but I know that it became an undying habit in middle school.  Now, I have books everywhere in my house.

Reading may not have many health benefits, but I know I consider it a part of my self-care because of the escape it gives me from my reality.  With the type of job I have, sometimes I take breaks from work and read things hat have nothing to do with my job.  Being that it’s so traumatic, I try to take time to take my mind completely opposite of that subject; reading helps with that.  It also helps that I try to read things that will put me in a pretty good mood, inspire me to try new and different things, or motivate me to push towards my creative goals.

This week, escape the realities of adulthood and pick up a book, magazine, blog article or something that will put you in an uplifting mood.

Happy Anniversary PWF!!!

One year ago today, I accomplished the one dream I’ve had since I was a kid; I published my first book.

Playing with Fire taught me a lot about myself, my talent and my ability to achieve what’s set out in front of me.

In October 2014, when I first started writing #PWF, I thought I would be just another 5 page draft of something that would never come into fruition. Fast forward to today, and I’m a published author, preparing for 2 more books to be published!

I owe my thanks and success to God, for giving me this ability to write stories that people enjoy. I can’t wait to see what happens more with my story; how it grows and develops and what it can become. I have big dreams for myself and this project, it doesn’t just stop with 1.

To all of those who encouraged me, helped me, read parts of my book, purchased my book; thank you! Your love and support will never go unappreciated.

Here’s to 1 year of #PWF and let’s see how far we can go!